Best CBD Oils That Work

If you would like to try CBD oil, the first thing you will notice is the overwhelming amount of available options on the market today. Each brand claims that theirs is the best and highest quality, but we also know that thousands of them can’t all be right.

Inferior quality CBD oils are everywhere. Consumers should always take care to buy the best CBD oil they can afford, or they might get stuck paying too much for snake oil that doesn’t do what it advertises.

Finding the right CBD oil brand and type for your needs can be challenging. All the options on the market, some better than others, make this process an even more confusing endeavor for the average consumer. With hundreds of potential CBD oils that each claim they’re one of the best out there, how can you choose the best one?

We have put hours of serious study into tracking down the best CBD oil brands on the market today for this article. While we’ve gone through hundreds of different CBD oils, there are only a couple of these great CBD oils that have made it into our list.

Our CBD oil ranking system looks at the product quality and the brand’s reputation. Does the brand have a successful, reputable history in selling CBD oil?” We have also looked at the product’s lab-testing certification and website claims. These things are essential to think about, especially if you buy something for your health.

If you don’t see it on our list, it’s not the best, all-natural, pure CBD oil on the market. We have only considered the best products from superior and trusted CBD manufacturers.

The actual amount of available CBD products through the average Google or Amazon search is almost bewildering. There are thousands of different products sold by thousands of brands (and each of these products claims that they are better than the next CBD oil you see).

We’ve only considered superior CBD oils with excellent reviews and high-quality products for our list. Products with any doubts of quality or effectiveness didn’t make it into this article – and so, you know you’re left with a list of the cream of the CBD crop.

Our editorial team has gone through hundreds of different CBD oils manufacturers to select the very best. We know how difficult it can be to choose the right CBD oil for your needs when there are so many options out there, and we’ve done most of the hard work for you.

Here are the products we’ve featured, selected for their quality and good reputation in the CBD community:

  • Aspen Green
  • Bloom Hemp
  • cbdMD
  • Charlotte’s Web
  • CBD American Shaman
  • CBDistillery
  • CBDFx
  • CBDPure
  • Five CBD
  • Green Roads
  • JustCBD
  • Mana Artisan Botanics
  • Medterra
  • Populum
  • RE Botanicals
  • Receptra Naturals
  • Rya Organics
  • Sol CBD
  • Zatural

These products are from reliable CBD companies and have had positive reviews from most people who have bought from them. We have chosen only products that can prove the amount of pure CBD and the quality of their extracts and done away with the rest of them.

The rest of the article remains only recommendations for top-quality CBD products on the market today.

These products can all guarantee that they have been tested to be of the best quality. Lab certification is one of the essential criteria we used to compose this list of useful CBD products on the market.

In the next section, we’ll walk you through each of these products individually and talk about what’s good (and what’s not) when it comes to each of them.

CBD is well-known for its benefits. Thousands of people worldwide have switched to CBD as a natural means to treat anxiety, pain, insomnia, and musculature pain – among many other conditions that can benefit from the regular use of cannabidiol.

The Best CBD Oils and Tinctures for 2022

Almost all CBD brands and pure CBD products out there claim to be a best-seller or one of the best products available on the market. This can’t be true for every product you see out there. That’s why we felt compelled to put together this list!

With only the best CBD brands featured here, you’ll find it much easier to match up your needs with the right quality pure CBD product on the market.

Here’s a much closer look at each of the individual CBD brands and products and a write-up about why each of them deserves your attention if you want to find the perfect CBD brand for your health this year.

Aspen Green


Aspen Green is a reliable CBD company located in Colorado, US. Aspen Green produces a quality range of various CBD products, from low-strength to high-strength. Quality is guaranteed because Aspen Green uses only the very best quality hemp in their extraction process – and they can ensure that oils contain no THC whatsoever.

All Aspen Green products are tested to guarantee that you get access to only the highest quality cannabidiol products. Products that leave the Aspen Green production line are 100% the best pure CBD products you’ll find for sale.

Products from Aspen Green are available in three different flavors, including mint.

If you are not happy with your purchase of Aspen Green CBD products, then you can also return your product to the manufacturer for a full refund.

Bloom Hemp


Bloom Hemp is a cannabis company based in the United States that focuses on producing high-quality hemp extracts with premium ingredients at a price point that everyone can afford. Some of the reviews surrounding Bloom Hemp products have called it one of the best CBD oils you can buy right now.

The Bloom Hemp product range contains several great CBD products certified to be pure CBD and contain no accidental THC in the mixture.

Bloom Hemp also offers a tremendous high-CBD oil that brings you close to 4,500 mg of CBD. Tinctures and oils are available in the same product range, and most people will be able to find a high-CBD product that’s ideal for them.

If you are not completely happy with the Pure Bloom CBD products’ results, you can return your products for a full refund within 60 days. That’s a confidence level that most companies don’t include with their products!



cbdMD is a CBD brand made in the United States and guaranteed to produce some of the best medically significant cannabidiol tinctures and oils on the market. Their basic CBD oil products are available in a range of pleasant flavors, and all their products guarantee that they have been put through strict quality-control tests to ensure only the best.

Guaranteed natural, cbdMD products contain only pure CBD – and never any quantities of THC, which can be found in some cheaper, lower-quality oils that claim to be all-pure.

If you are not happy with your cbdMD purchase, the manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee to show their confidence in the product.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is arguably one of the most famous CBD strains out there and more than worth your money if you are looking for an excellent cannabidiol product that can help you cope with common symptoms like insomnia and anxiety.

While Charlotte’s Web was initially designed to benefit cancer and chemotherapy patients, the same strain has a hundred other health benefits.

Charlotte’s Web brand has a range of reliable, unique pure CBD oils that consumers have been raving about. All products in Charlotte’s Web range are guaranteed to be pure and extracted using the best methods.

CBD American Shaman

CBD American Shaman is a holistic brand of pure CBD extracts founded in the United States. The brand has been around for a while and has become known for its high-quality, affordable full-spectrum CBD oils – and you get to choose from several options to make sure you get the dosage that does the best for your body.

CBD American Shaman guarantees that its products are all-natural, tested, high-quality CBD oils that can knock any other brand out of the ballpark.

Reviews say that CBD American Shaman produces a very high-quality CBD oil that happens to taste great at the same time. Several flavors are available, including Cherry Limeade.


CBDistillery is a trusted cannabidiol brand that produces a range of high-quality pure CBD oils which promise to be all-natural. All CBDistillery products are tested to guarantee a pure CBD oil that contains absolutely no THC and has a healthy, all-around effect for anyone who takes it.

CBDistillergy offers several quality CBD products, each with a specific focus, such as a tincture designed to help you sleep. High-strength CBD oils are also available from CBDistillery, giving you more CBD for your money.

Produced in Colorado, CBDistillery guarantees very high-quality CBD products. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can claim your money back in 60 days from purchase.


CBDFx is a trusted cannabidiol company based in the United States that offers a wide range of different CBD products that claim to be pure CBD and contain no THC. CBDFx produces great high-quality CBD products that have more than just CBD, but they also add a range of other ingredients like turmeric to balance out the natural effect with more goodness.

CBDFx is one of the few CBD companies on the market that offers CBD oil and other pet products: if you are a pet owner, CBDFx will be one of your chosen brands.

Moderately priced, all the CBDFx products come with the guarantee they are natural and have been extracted using only the very best methods.


CBDPure is a trusted, reliable cannabidiol company that operates from Colorado and Washington. They have been in the business for a while, and they have built up a solid reputation as a trusted brand with excellent quality CBD products.

The company claims that they have some of the best, purest CBD oils on the market. While this can be taken with a pinch of salt, their CBD products are still very high-quality and can compete with hundreds of other brands out there.

CBDPure offers a whole range of products, including high-strength CBD oils, CBD tinctures, and CBD creams, so that everyone can track down the CBD product that’s right for them.

If you are not happy with the results you get from CBD Pure, or you would like to try something else, they also offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on all their products.

Five CBD

Five CBD is a reliable USA-made brand of CBD oils and tinctures that sells their product at an affordable price – and in three different flavors. Unlike many other high-priced CBD brands on the market, you won’t pay more than $50 for most of the products in the Five CBD range.

For customers who need something more high-strength, Five CBD offers a special CBD oil that’s more than a total of 6,000 mg of CBD. If your regular CBD oil isn’t doing the trick, the Five CBD high-strength option could be what you need.

If you feel like Five CBD didn’t deliver what you thought it should, a money-back guarantee offer is also available from the manufacturers.

Green Roads

Green Roads is a CBD supplier based in the United States, and it gets to claim its spot as one of the largest cannabidiol extract companies in the US. The Green Roads brand has been around for almost a decade now, and their range of CBD products is extremely high-quality – and one of the only brands out there backed by medical opinions.

Their most popular products include a high-quality CBD oil infusion and a heavy-duty high-CBD oil. Other products, such as gummies, are also available through the Green Roads brand for consumers who want more than oils to work with.

All CBD products from Green Roads are tested and guaranteed high quality.


JustCBD is a US-based company that provides high-quality hemp extracts, CBD oils, and other products that contain pure CBD. Their most popular products include hemp seeds and high-strength CBD extract containing 5,000 mg of potent, pure CBD.

JustCBD makes some of the best quality CBD products you’ll find, and they don’t charge as much for their products as other companies with equivalent-strength CBD products.

Organic hemp and pure CBD products guarantee that Just CBD is one of the best hemp manufacturers you can find.

Joy Organics

Joy Organics has been in the all-natural CBD solutions business for several years. They produce a tremendous pure CBD oil available in several zesty flavors like Summer Lemon. Made in the United States, Joy Organics promises only the best ingredients (and strict quality controls for every batch of oil that gets to leave the production line).

Joy Organics is also confident enough in the product’s benefits to offer a money-back guarantee for anyone unhappy with the results within 30 days. While you might pay a little more for products under the Joy Organics label, many reviews call this particular brand worth it.

Mana Artisan Botanics

Mana Artisan Botanics is a reliable, trusted CBD company that has been in existence for almost a decade. They provide a range of quality, guaranteed organic CBD products – all reliant on their unique mix of ingredients that go a little further and include more than just plain CBD.

Some of the CBD tinctures from Mana Artisan Botanics include nut extract, increasing their significant all-natural effect. Unique, they are one of the only companies that do this!


Medterra is a reliable brand for CBD oils and tinctures made in the United States. The Medterra brand has an extreme focus on natural health and holistic methods, and their pure CBD oil is a quality product that only uses the very best hemp to create it.

All their products are guaranteed to be GMO-free, free of additives, and only the most natural pure CBD oil you can find on the market.

Medterra offers high-quality products that have been put through strict quality control and third-party tests.

If you are a pet owner, the Medterra brand also offers a whole range of specialized products that cater to cats and dogs. The benefits of CBD aren’t just useful for humans but can also be great for animals who could use anti-inflammatory or relaxation benefits.


Populum is a trusted brand of pure CBD oils and extracts made in the United States. Advertised benefits of the CBD oils offered by Populum include relief from anxiety, stress, insomnia, and general inflammation. All Populum CBD oil batches are subjected to strict testing to ensure that consumers get only the best, purest CBD oil on the market.

The Populum brand doesn’t offer a million different CBD products but instead focuses on one type of pure CBD oil that they produce in various strengths. If you can get used to the purely orange flavor every time you take it, Populum is good oil.

RE Botanicals

RE Botanicals is a CBD supplier based in the United States that has become particularly well-known for their high-quality CBD tinctures that have been made only from hemp grown responsibly on farms in South Carolina, United States.

All RE Botanicals products undergo strict testing to ensure that the products are pure CBD extracts containing no THC. All products are tested and certified pure before leaving the RE Botanicals production line.

Oils and tinctures are not the only things you’ll find in the RE Botanicals product range. The company also offers some excellent CBD capsules that are reportedly some of the best out there.

Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals is a CBD producer based in Colorado. It is well-known for its wide range of cannabidiol tinctures and oils that care for specific health problems like insomnia or anxiety. Pure CBD and no THC is the Receptra Naturals guarantee: all products are tested to adhere to strict quality standards before leaving the factory.

All ingredients in Receptra Naturals products are all-natural and always will be. Their product promise guarantees that only organic quality hemp free of pesticides has made the Receptra Naturals range.

Receptra Naturals also has a specific oil type that targets inflammation, one of their most popular products on the market.

Rya Organics

Rya Organics is a pure CBD company with a strong focus on holistic approaches to wellness and a significant focus on providing an all-natural, all-pure CBD solution. The full-spectrum CBD oil produced by Rya Organics claims that it can assist with anxiety, insomnia, stress, and pain or inflammation.

There are three oil types available from Rya Organics, each focusing on the body. Consumers can choose the exact type of oil for their needs based on the symptoms they need help with the most. To add a more comprehensive health effect, ingredients like turmeric are also added to the Rya Organics formula.

Rya Organics guarantees a genuinely organic approach, with no preservatives or additives in their tinctures and oils. Not everyone wants turmeric and other ingredients part of their CBD oil, though Rya Organics is perfect for people who don’t mind it.


Sol CBD is a trusted brand that has been in the CBD business for more than a decade. They pride themselves on claims of producing one of the best pure CBD oils you will find on the market, and they provide this at a price much lower than most of its competing companies.

Produced in Colorado, all Sol CBD products are subjected to quality control tests to guarantee they are some of the best around. Customizable strength pure CBD oils are what they do best, and some of their products have a specific focus like sleeplessness or anxiety relief.

Sol CBD is also known for its high-strength options for seasoned CBD consumers: more than 4,000 mg of CBD.

Confident in their product, Sol CBD offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for all their products if you are not completely satisfied with the results.


Zatural is a company based in the United States with a broad offering of different cannabidiol products, including high-strength CBD options and a great general full-spectrum CBD oil that promises to be all-natural and derived from only the best hemp.

While Zatural might be one of the lesser-known cannabidiol companies in the US, they offer some of the best products – and their high-strength CBD oil has been said to work exceptionally well for relief from anxiety and insomnia.

CBD Oil Rankings: How We Chose the Products

With the thousands of different CBD brands available on the market, we know how important it is to choose the right one. Even for experts in the field, it can be challenging to rank the different CBD brands with many options.

We have chosen carefully from the best CBD brands to put together this list.

Only CBD brands with a reliable reputation have made it into this article, and only CBD brands that can prove the purity and quality of their products have qualified to be mentioned here.

A few things have to be said about good, reliable and trusted CBD products. The best products on the market contain only pure CBD with no THC in the mix, and trusted products are more often than not subjected to third-party testing to verify the claims made by the product manufacturers. Quality CBD brands also have good reviews and a trusted reputation.

There are way too many unverified, untrusted CBD products on the market that are not as good as they claim to be. We’ve made sure to cut out all of the potentially inferior products so that you’re only left with the very best of the best. If you choose one of the fantastic CBD brands on this list, you can rest assured that you choose quality.

Here’s what we looked at to make up this list of the best CBD products and brands for 2022.

Certificate of Analysis

A Certificate of Analysis is essential to see for any natural health supplements or products meant for consumption. The certificate indicates that the product has been put through rigorous third-party testing to ensure that the claims are accurate and that the ingredients are quality.

We have stuck only to brands that include a legal Certificate of Analysis for all their products. Without one, you never know what the product might contain.

All Natural Ingredients

The brands we’ve chosen to feature in this article certify that their products contain only all-natural ingredients. This guarantees that the CBD oils and tinctures we mention in this article are only made from the best, purest hemp – and have no trace pesticides or additives that can reduce the health benefits of CBD.

We believe that the best CBD products are pure and can prove it.

Responsibly Grown Hemp

The products featured in this article promise that their hemp sources are responsibly grown at farms across the United States. Responsibly grown hemp is essential for the sustainability of the entire business and the great people who grow hemp on behalf of these manufacturers.

For responsibly grown hemp, a manufacturer must certify which farm their hemp is grown – and the conditions have to be ideal to produce only the highest quality harvests.

Realistic Product Claims

Hundreds of CBD products on the market make outlandish claims that you know can’t possibly be true. We have stuck only to brands that make realistic claims about their products, backed by research and actual science. Don’t fall for CBD products that are no less than regular old snake oil when there are genuine quality brands out there you can rely on.

Realistic product claims are essential when talking about health and supplements, especially CBD.

Added Ingredients

While most manufacturers sell pure CBD products, a couple of entries in this article added other ingredients to bring a more rounded effect to the product. Ingredients like turmeric aren’t necessary for a good CBD blend but can add to the anti-inflammatory effect of the product.

Some manufacturers on this list fortify their CBD oils with added ingredients. Where this is done, we have made sure to disclose this so that you know exactly what you’re buying.

Added Flavors

Most of the CBD products on the market have no taste or added scent, so they are easy to take. At the same time, most manufacturers also offer some of their products with added flavors – and some of them are unique!

Not everyone can stand the taste of pure carrier oil, and not everyone likes strawberry: we’ve included CBD products with added flavors in this list and CBD products without. Regardless of what you prefer, the CBD companies on this list will have something perfect for you.

Product Range

Most CBD companies have more than one great product in their range. We’ve considered this and included some of the best-selling products from each CBD company so that you – the reader – have a better idea of what type of products each company has to offer.

Some great CBD companies on the list even manufacture unique CBD products for cats and dogs.

CBD Purity

We have also examined the CBD products featured on this list for their purity. A pure CBD product guarantees that the product contains only the best quality CBD extract and no THC that might cause an unintentional “high” that it’s not meant to.

All the products mentioned in this article can prove that they produce only products that are certified as pure CBD.

CBD Strength

With so many different CBD products on the market, all CBD products do not share the same strength. Some products start at as little as 50 mg worth of CBD, while others sell high-CBD oils and products that can contain as much as 5,000 mg of CBD per dosage.

We’ve chosen to feature products of several different strengths in this article so that you can find the perfect CBD strength for your individual needs. CBD isn’t all the same, and neither is the body’s tolerance for it.

CBD Dosage: How to Approach Dosages

One of the first things you will notice when going through our list of products featured in this article is the available variety of dosages. Dosage is very different from one person to another. Research shows that people have very different tolerances to CBD – and while some people are fine on 10 or 15 mg extracts, some might need to take high-strength CBD products that contain more.

If you are not sure how to use your CBD product, follow the recommended instructions from the manufacturer. Most experts recommend that you start with a small dosage if you have never used CBD before and work your way up and adjust as needed.

CBD is one of the few compounds on the planet that cannot produce an overdose. This means that, technically, it’s all about your tolerance and what works for you. This is why there are so many different dosage options on the market.

If you need more direction on how to take CBD the right way, you can also speak to your doctor or medical health practitioner. With CBD use legal in the United States, most doctors are more than willing to provide help and advice.

FAQs About CBD Supplementation

If this is your first encounter with CBD products, oils, and tinctures, read through our handy FAQ first to familiarize yourself with cannabidiol and the proven benefits that it could have for your health. CBD could be one of the best ways to treat pain and inflammation, but it also has a hundred different practical health uses.

Here’s everything you should know about CBD as a newcomer to the CBD scene:

Q: What is CBD?

A: CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound that is found in cannabis plants – although it also appears in many different vegetables, fruits, and flowers in minor concentrations. Cannabidiol is not the same as THC and is associated with a myriad of health benefits that include an immune system boost, relaxation, and better sleep.

For CBD products, cannabidiol is most often extracted from quality hemp plants – that is, cannabis plants minus the active THC ingredient. This infusion is then added to a carrier oil, making it easier to consume.

Q: Does CBD oil work?

A: Yes, CBD oil isn’t just an overnight health fad with many SEO involved. Cannabidiol has been well-researched, and genuine scientific studies back its benefits. CBD has also been used by ancient cultures for literally centuries, even though science is only starting to realize the benefits of CBD in modern times.

Cannabidiol products can relieve inflammation, pain, anxiety, discomfort, and insomnia. Further research supports that CBD can even relieve symptoms associated with chemotherapy treatment.

Q: Can CBD products get you “high” at all?

A: No, and those that do are not pure cannabidiol products that contain only CBD. Cannabidiol is a compound that has many health benefits but produces no mind-altering or psychoactive effects. That’s what THC is for, and adequately purified CBD products will not contain any THC.

Some CBD products might still contain trace amounts of THC, which is enough to fail a drug test but not enough to produce a high. This is a potential concern; you should purchase only CBD products certified to contain no THC, not even trace amounts of it.

Q: Can you be allergic to CBD?

A: While this is extremely rare, a small part of the population is allergic to CBD and cannot take it like everyone else. If you experience any adverse effects after using a CBD product, immediately examine the label to check the ingredients. You might display an adverse reaction to one (or more) carrier oils, flavorings, or to CBD itself.

If you are unsure whether a CBD allergy could be a problem for you, speak to a doctor or allergy specialist before you continue taking CBD products.

Q: Do CBD products affect drug test results?

A: Pure CBD products that contain only 100% cannabidiol and no trace amounts of THC should not cause a positive drug test for THC. If your CBD product is not as pure as the label claims or contains a trace amount of THC, you might fail a drug test due to the product.

If you are concerned about drug test positives and CBD products, make sure that you only choose products that guarantee a 0.0% THC content.

Q: Can I travel with CBD?

A: Yes and no.

CBD and travel will depend on where you are leaving and where you intend to go with your CBD product. While CBD products are legal in most United States, the same guarantee is not valid for all flight destinations. It’s recommended that you do not travel with CBD through airports but instead buy your CBD products on arrival at the destination.

For international destinations, it’s also recommended to check the legality of CBD and CBD products for where you intend to go. International laws on CBD are not the same everywhere, and CBD is still either legally questionable or downright illegal to possess in some world countries.

Q: Is CBD legal to buy and use?

A: Cannabidiol and products that contain it are legal to buy, sell and use in the majority of the United States. Other countries might have different laws on the use and purchase of CBD-containing products and even more different rules about THC products.

You’re clear if you are in the US, and CBD is entirely legal. If you are reading this from anywhere else in the world, check with your country’s individual laws to be sure about CBD use laws.

Q: What is the best type of CBD oil on the market?

A: This is a complicated question, and it’s why we came up with this detailed list of the best CBD brands and products out there in 2022. We have featured only trusted, reliable, and certified brands throughout the list to ensure you can find the best cannabidiol product or oil for your individual health needs.

Some people require high-strength, while others prefer low-dosage. Many choose the option of a flavored CBD product, but others want their CBD oils and tinctures to taste nothing at all.

The list features a range of CBD products guaranteed high quality and all-natural.

Q: Is CBD safe for animals?

A: Yes, the use of CBD is excellent for cats and dogs – but it is always recommended that you choose specific CBD products that were designed to be used by pets.

CBD itself cannot harm pets, but some of the other ingredients found in CBD products (like flavorings) might not be safe for dogs and cats. This is why pet-specific CBD products are best for pets! Many of the brands featured in this article (including Medterra) have a product range that caters to your pets’ health needs.

The Best CBD Oils and Tinctures for 2022 Conclusion

There are thousands of CBD brands on the internet, each advertising that they could be the very best brand with the very best quality hemp extracts and CBD oils. We know that this can’t possibly be true for every company which claims it, and that’s why we’ve written this list.

Even for seasoned users, it can be challenging to choose the right CBD oil when you have got so many choices in front of you. We’ve selected only CBD manufacturers with good reviews, excellent reputations, and top-quality products so that you have an easier time finding the right ones.


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