The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Real Amazon Selling Program?

Making money online is possible if you understand the trade. Amazon.com is a multinational American-based tech company majorly focusing on e-commerce. You can get practically everything on Amazon, including digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Therefore, an opportunity to be part of Amazon can help you make good money.

However, how do you start? How do you invest in Amazon? The Wholesale Formula is an online course scheduled for September 2022 that can help you gain high-profit sales on Amazon. If you are interested in wholesale selling on Amazon, the Wholesale Formula promises to guide you even if you have zero knowledge of online selling.

What is the Wholesale Formula?

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, the program’s creators, have collectively earned over 30 million from wholesale selling on Amazon. Additionally, their students have made hundreds of millions selling on the eCommerce channel. Therefore, the two co-creators have the right set of skills to help you maneuver the eCommerce site, even if you have no prior knowledge of online selling. Most people associate the term “formula” with mathematics. However, the creators of the Wholesale Formula use the world to help learners understand the concept of “wholesale selling.”

The principle employed and shown in the Wholesale Formula is an in-depth business course that equips learners with the proper tools to work directly selling on Amazon without intermediaries. The tips and advice on the online selling course use layman language to help students understand the fundamentals regardless of their background. Additionally, the program offers students all information regarding the Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) Wholesale Training.

Why The Wholesale Formula works on Amazon

Amazon is a global company ranking among the top five transnational establishments in America. Additionally, it is the best site to earn cash from online product sales. The company is reputable for selling and delivering quality products. According to statistics, hundreds of merchants sell more than one million dollars annually. However, it is not as easy as it sounds successfully sell products on Amazon. Equally, there are merchants counting losses after investing their time selling on Amazon.

Dan and Dylan are thriving Amazon sellers. The pair claims that beginners should look for products that sell fast to get enough profit to expand their niche. You must calculate the fee of each product to ensure you get significant gains. Additionally, it would be helpful to compete with multiple best products already on Amazon. Dan and Dylan’s students have collectively earned $1 billion+ on Amazon. So, with the right tools and strategies, you can also thrive and make money on Amazon.

The 2020 pandemic revolutionized online shopping. It is estimated that Amazon has an over 400 billion dollars profit. Thus, one is assured of a ready market on Amazon. Sellers have a chance to grow their business bigger. Amazon offers traders a 50 percent profit making it a lucrative business venture.

How Much Profit Can You Make With The Wholesale Formula?

According to Dan and Dylan, the Wholesale Program can help you earn income steadily without much hassle. However, the exact figure of profits you make depends on how you implement the program’s tenets. The official website states that 421 persons sold close to half a billion dollars which is, in fact, a considerable sum of money. A simple computation shows that, on average, each trader walked with not less than a million dollars. Still, the whole amount is collective, and individual sales differ.

Additionally, several case studies from purported “successful traders” and YouTube videos also speak of the program’s success. The Wholesale Formula Program promises to equip you with the proper knowledge to attain financial freedom.

How Does the Online Wholesale Formula Work?

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are the faces behind the Wholesale Formula program. The two have purportedly earned millions collectively from Amazon. The creation of this program is to help beginners and seasoned sellers make good cash from Amazon. The information in the program provided is detailed, on point, and simple to comprehend, even if you are unaccustomed to online selling.

The course helps you maximize profits by eliminating go-betweens and becoming the link between the buyer and the product producer. Thus, the Wholesale Formula can lower the total cost of the product, earn the producer good returns and enable the seller to make profits. Additionally, Dan and Dylan promise to help you identify fast-selling products hence allowing you to get quick profits within a short period.

The Wholesale Formula works on a Reverse Sourcing Wholesale framework, implying that you buy merchandise directly from the complete owner. The course aids you in identifying means of getting your product from the American manufacturing plant to an Amazon Warehouse. Another advantage is that you do not need to physically touch or see any of the selected products from the manufacturing company.

Instead, the Fulfillment By Amazon is mandated to check the product’s physical condition and store it. Additionally, FBA centers select, pack and ship all products. Equally, FBA provides the necessary customer services on behalf of Amazon. Therefore, with zero go-betweens, you only need to coax the product’s complete owner and then make sales from the product.


Dylan and Dan 3-S Formula – Scout, Source, Sell

The creators have created the three-S method to help you maximize gains on Amazon. The three steps provide you with the correct blueprint to make sales via Amazon.


Dylan and Dan state the first step is to “scout” or identify products and brands that are fast selling and generate good profits rapidly. For example, some products are fast selling during certain seasons, such as Christmas Wear in December. The Wholesale Program provides you with precise details to help you identify such opportunities.


It is the most crucial step in eCommerce. During this phase, you must ascertain that all the branded goods are from complete owners and no intermediaries are involved. That way, you become a certified dealer and can take advantage of the lack of intermediaries to provide better prices than competing products.


After identifying the product and following the proper protocol to source it from the complete owner, you must sell it to get profits. Depending on how your sales kick-off, you can determine the next course of action to ensure you gain extra profits.

What is Inside the Wholesale Formula Workshop?

The entire Wholesale Formula program seeks to provide traders and would-be traders with the right skills to make cash from Amazon. Dan and Dylan have simplified the course into a five-model package consisting of eight components. Each of these components is unique and aims at providing valuable information to help you get the highest profits from Amazon. Some of the topics include:

  • How to identify fast selling products skillfully- The makers claim that the quickest way to earn a profit is by selling products that are short selling.
  • Why selling Amazon products is a business for all, even those with limited trading skills.
  • How to get the “right” products’ approval
  • How the reverse model functions and how anyone can create an operational online store.
  • A guide on how to start your own Amazon trade

At the end of the Wholesale Program Seminar, it is expected that you can confidently choose Amazon products that guarantee swift returns. After several days, you can successfully launch your own Amazon trade. In short, the wholesale program aims at creating a link between wholesalers and retailers while earning significant profits.

When Does The Wholesale Formula Seminar Premiere?

The webinar attendees must have a reliable internet connection and a device with a microphone and webcam. However, attendees will not be expected to show their faces or contribute to the talk throughout the seminar. Still, you can interact with Dylan and Dan at the end of the using the web chat feature. The conference is expected in September 2022. The facilitators of the seminar claim that the whole seminar will take around two hours.

Anyone from any territory of the world can be part of the Wholesale Seminar program as long as they have an internet connection and a digital device. However, the makers target American viewers, and international viewers require a different registration link. Still, any trader seeking to enhance their earnings or venture into eCommerce will find the Dan and Dylan seminar helpful.

The Wholesale Formula Seminar Pricing

The interactive webinar is live. You can join in on the webinar for $49.99 for the Wholesale Formula Seminar online via the official website. After a successful transaction, the makers will send a registration link on the day of the seminar.

Dan and Dylan are confident that you will get valuable teachings from the seminar. Thus, they are offering a money-back guarantee as a mark of commitment. If by any chance, the Wholesale Formula Program does not meet your expectations, you are required to ask for reimbursement before the end of the second day, here:

  • Email Support: support@thewholesaleformula.com.

About Dylan Frost and Dan Meadors

Dan Meadors serves as Wholesale Formula’s co-founder and the Head of Spotlight Brand Services based in Kentucky. He has worked at VA replacement and is currently a shareholder at Urza Lands, according to his LinkedIn summary.

Dylan Frost grew up in a poor neighborhood in Kentucky. However, his humble background and education did not stop him from becoming the co-founder of Wholesale Formula. Dylan and Dan claim they began as retail arbitrage before building a multimillion-dollar empire. They have supposedly sold more than thirty million dollars worth of fast-selling products on Amazon.

The Wholesale Formula Conclusion

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is an online platform that can help you earn cash trading on Amazon. The creators, Dan and Dylan, claim they have adequate experience in Amazon, which can benefit both seasoned and novice traders in earning extra profits. The Wholesale Formula webinar premieres in September 2022, and anyone from around the globe can attend it.


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