A look Back …This week in the Forks forum

This week in 1999 it was reported that a Cessna 210 had crashed at the Forks Airport after running out of runway. The pilot from British Columbia was unhurt the Cessna was not as lucky. A Tacoma woman had been arrested for passing counterfeit $20 bills around town. Forks Long Term Care was getting a new “Homey” look as part of a new trend to add afghans, flowers, and decorative pictures to give a more home-like appearance to the facility. Forks High School students were raising salmon (photo). The FAA had approved the transfer of the Quillayute Airport from the State of Washington to the City of Forks.

Fifty years ago this week, in Forks Chamber news, 106 members of the FHS Choir had performed at a Chamber meeting. They were under the direction of Mr. Sells. After the performance, all 106 were treated to hamburgers and milkshakes at the Vagabond. In City Council news Blackball freight truck driver Bill Copeland had asked the council to approve a special unloading zone in front of the liquor store to unload whiskey. Councilman Wes Chilson said, “We need to make every effort to help him.” Chilson also appeared in an ad for his Saturday morning talk show on the radio … “Action Line” (photo). It was reported that Bill Brager was on the WSU Honor Roll. In obituaries …Bear Creek pioneer Albin Wahlgren had died at the age of 82. He had been born at Bear Creek in 1891.

In 1952 it was reported that the Lake Pleasant Plywood Plant was going to employ 100 men. Henry Bechtold’s car, a 1949 Ford, had been stolen by a man who had escaped Western State Hospital. The escapee had left a previously stolen car and a letter with his name on it at the crime scene. The local telephone company was installing an alternate switchboard allowing auto-dial. In birth announcements, the William Wentworths had welcomed a son whom they named Hugh. Long-time resident Sig Gunderson had passed at the age of 62. To support himself he had been a sign painter and also did portraits.

(Editor’s note – Some of Sig’s portraits currently hang in the Forks Forum office.)