All Hands on Board for the Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction

By Kendall Marshall and Eram’e Tost

The Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction is fast approaching and the Senior Class of 2024 is ready to make this auction happen. As a member of the senior class, I can assure you that the leaders we have are getting to work, making headway in collecting donations, and organizing the auction.

Over the weekend, students traveled to Port Angeles and Sequim, asking business owners if they were willing to contribute. The group consisted of Student Coordinators Gunner Rogers and Keira Johnson, but also these dedicated seniors: Rowan Ball, Julia Raupp, Jack Delgado, Katelyn Pressley, and Ryan Anderson. A sneak peek at some items that will be at the auction: bicycle rack, handmade wooden jewelry, beaded leather purse, and two rounds of golf at Dungeness Golf Course at 7 Cedars.

Aside from students heading out to communities asking for donations, students are needed for item pickup, auction publicity, and organizing plenty of paperwork such as spreadsheets for each location. We have weekly meetings to inform Forks High and Running Start students on what roles they have been assigned and as a team, create a game plan for tackling the journey we have ahead of us.

As a member of the publicity group, Rowan Ball, Eram’e Tost and I have created flyers that will be posted around the community.

Our goal as seniors is to make the 60th anniversary of the Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction one to remember, honoring its rich history.

The Quillayute Valley Scholarship Auction will be held the weekend of March 16th (9 am-9 pm) and 17th (10 am-8 pm) at Forks High School. The countdown begins as the auction is only four weeks away!