Allen Charitable Trust helps fund FOFA Clinic

On Sunday, March 17, Dr. Pat Dowell and her staff facilitated a special spay/neuter clinic in Forks for Friends of Forks Animals. There were 25 cats spayed or neutered! This was made possible through the joint efforts and support from Dr. Pat and FOFA.

Since the beginning of the year, there have been two “special” Sunday clinics. This activity has resulted in over 50 cats being spayed or neutered to help pet overpopulation in our area. FOFA was able to pay for these clinics thanks to the generous grant received from the Lloyd Allen Charitable Trust. FOFA is hopeful that more clinics will be scheduled in the near future.

FOFA member Aleda Adams provided trapping of feral cats. She also provided supportive care after the surgeries and released the cats the next day to the areas they came from. These cats are fed and cared for by generous people in the locations where they live.

All feral and free-roaming cats are given surgeries free of charge. They also receive vaccines to help prevent disease. The fees for the spay and neuter of privately owned pets are subsidized by FOFA. If you can’t afford to pay for surgery FOFA will be glad to do it.

Please do not avoid having your pet spayed or neutered because of finances. Call Friends of Forks Animals to schedule a surgery at 360-374-3332. Remember puppies and kittens will be coming soon if steps are not taken to stop it!

Please, have your pets spayed or neutered.