And the winner is …..

  • Fri Sep 8th, 2017 9:08am
  • News

It was a tough decision but after reviewing 102 suggested names for the Name the Babe (mannequin) that stands behind the bar in the Forks Timber Museum’s Art’s Place exhibit, a winner has been chosen. The winner is Ron Klahn Jr. with the suggested name Molly Hogan. Why may you ask?

This is what Ron said, “For those that don’t know, a Molly Hogan is actually used in the woods on a daily basis, used to hook haywire together or for keeping pins in blocks and shackles just to name a few uses.”

Ron showed up last Thursday, coming right from his job in the woods, he works for Dahlgren Logging, for his photo op with the Babe and to receive his free family membership to the Museum as well as a few other goodies.

The Museum board chose the name Molly Hogan as it will also serve as a learning tool for visitors to the museum …a chance for them to learn a logging term they may never have heard of before. As for the origin of the term Molly Hogan to describe a single strand of wire rope woven into circular form for a temporary splice, that is a mystery.

A few of the other names submitted were: Zona, Irene, Nurse Betty, Bella, Blanche, Brandy, Artis, Rainie, Twi-la, Misty, Wanda Fuca, Robyn, Ruby and Sadie and many more.

Ron said, “I never dreamed my suggestion would win, I just thought it was the perfect name.”

Now the only thing that is needed is a male mannequin as a customer … we could call him …?