Annual Garden Club Tea, Feb. 3

  • Wed Jan 24th, 2018 11:15am
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You are cordially invited to the Bogachiel Garden Club’s Annual High Tea on Saturday, Feb. 3, from 1-3 p.m. at St. Anne Catholic Church, 511 Fifth Ave., in Forks.

“Tea Under the Sea” is the theme this year. John Anderson, curator of John’s Beachcombing Museum, will be the guest speaker.

Anderson will share some of his more interesting stories and “finds” when he is the featured speaker at the annual Garden Club Tea.

“One man’s trash is another man’s…” treasure … especially if it washed up on the beach and John Anderson found it. John’s Beachcombing Museum opened a few summers ago at his home, at 143 Andersonville Ave., near the north entrance of Forks. Just driving down the short gravel road you start to see the amazing collection Anderson has amassed.

The collection starts outside the buildings with the tower of floats and gigantic rusty metal floats that line the driveway. Once inside, the found items go floor to ceiling.

In addition to assortments of shoes, camera bags and other lost at sea items is a row of Raggedy Ann heads, they are a bit unnerving.

Anderson jokes that if you are ever stranded on the beach and need to brush your teeth it is likely a tooth brush will wash up on shore, yes he even has a container full of used tooth brushes.

Mixed in with all the mundane items that have been thrown into the sea are other items that tell of life lost. One of the most compelling items on display is an unused survival suit. The suit came from a vessel that sank off the mouth of the Columbia River, it sank so fast the crew didn’t have time to take advantage of their survival suits, all hands lost. The unused suit eventually washed up on shore.

Anderson was even featured in a film documentary “Lost and Found” and traveled to Japan to return a soccer ball to a Japanese Soccer Club that washed up on our beach after the tsunami.

Come enjoy finger sandwiches, delicious cookies, and tea and tales from the sea will also be served up!

The cost is a $9 donation. Tickets for several raffle baskets will also be offered as a fundraiser during the tea.

For more information, contact Kris Ayers at [email protected] or 360-963-2550.