April FIS Students of the Month

  • Sun May 14th, 2017 7:07am
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Flora Horejsi

Flora Horejsi is 10 years old and in fourth grade. She was chosen as a Student of the Month because she follows all the expectations and is a leader among her peers. Flora loves school. Some of her favorite parts are recess, lunch, and learning! Flora enjoyed researching geysers and learning about heat in the geology research lab. Currently, she likes practicing cursive. Flora listens to instruction, answers questions and completes her work. She is willing to take risks in her academic work. Flora is quick to volunteer when someone needs help. Flora is on the Student Leadership Team. She likes to plan assemblies and read the student biographies.

Flora’s best friends are Delanie, Isabelle and Elana. Her friends and her sister, Natalie, describe Flora as very intelligent, a little vain about her clothing and earrings, indecisive like her dad, and funny. She tells corny jokes. Flora also is polite and kind.

Flora likes gymnastics because of all the moves you can learn. Her favorite author is Rachel Renee Russell who writes the Dork Diaries. Her favorite color is pink. Flora likes to eat. She likes apple pie, waffles and cheeseburger tater tot casserole made by her mom. She likes clams and lots of other seafood, too.

Congratulations, Flora.


Annika Leverington

Annika Leverington is a fourth-grade student in Mrs. Tuttle’s homeroom. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Eric Leverington. She has an older sister, Chloe, who is in the eighth grade. In school, Annika enjoys learning new things. She has a growth mindset and embraces the idea that if she makes a mistake she can learn by trying to fix her mistakes. Annika enjoyed learning about caves while doing a recent research lab in ELA. In math, she likes learning about decimals.

When Annika has free time she likes to do gymnastics and often tries to persuade her sister to play softball with her. Her favorite book is “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” Annika’s friends describe her as bright, funny and nice.

When Annika grows up she would like to be a professional softball player and then a paleontologist doing digs in Arizona where she has family. Some day she would like to visit Paris, France.

Annika was chosen for Student of the Month for her sense of responsibility and the respect she shows to all. Annika is a great role model for her fellow fourth-grade classmates.

Congratulations Annika on being April’s Student of the Month.


Rowan Ball

Rowan Ball is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Johansen’s class. Her favorite thing about school is that she gets to hang with her friends. They often try to switch personalities and imitate each other, which can turn out really funny. ELA with Ms. Lewis is her favorite class because she gets to read. Rowan’s favorite genre is fantasy. “The Land of Stories” is a series that she would highly recommend to everyone. When not at school, Rowan plays with her dog and bunny while listening to Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows; she also shoots her bow and arrow (but not toward the bunny). On March 26, Rowan was crowned at the Assembly of God Church. She took many tests about the Bible and completed nine steps about the Bible. Rowan plays softball in the spring. Rowan lives with her mom, Corey, and her dad, Bob. She says that she is a hard worker and interested in her classes. Her teachers nominated her because she tries very hard, she is kind and helpful with her classmates and she adds a great deal to class conversations.


Nate Dahlgren

Nate Dahlgren is a fifth-grade student in Mr. Johansen’s homeroom. Nate says that PE with Mrs. Stewart is his favorite class. He really enjoys playing dodgeball and other games. Nate plays football, baseball and basketball; he also wrestles during the winter. His favorite sport is football and he plays halfback and linebacker. He’s been playing since second grade. He recently learned about the Zodiac constellations and how the Earth moving around the sun changes which constellations we can see. Learning about the mythology behind the zodiac was really fun. Nate has two cats and two dogs. He lives with his two brothers, Jack and Luke, and his mom Shannon and dad Chad. He was nominated because he is responsible. Nate focuses on his work and uses his time. He is considerate and helpful to his classmates.


Eddy Pablo Lorenzo


Eddy Pablo Lorenzo is a sixth-grade student at Forks Intermediate School. He is the son of Alberto and Sesaria. He has two sisters, Elendy, who is 3 years old, and Diadela, who is a baby. Eddy would describe himself as trustworthy and a good friend. He likes all of his school subjects and is excited to be learning English. He also enjoys playing basketball, drawing, using the computer and talking with friends. His favorite books are nonfiction books. Eddy is always positive in class and works very hard. Congratulations Eddy, for being Student of the Month.


Eddy Pablo Lorenzo es un estudiante de 6 grado en la Escuela Intermedia de Forks. Es hijo de Alberto y Sesaria. Él tiene dos hermanas, Elendy, que tiene 3 años, y Diadela, que es un bebé. Eddy se describiría como honrado y como buen amigo. Le gustan todos sus temas escolares y está emocionado de aprender inglés. También le gusta jugar al básquetbol, dibujar, usar la computadora y hablar con amigos. Sus libros favoritos son libros de no ficción. Eddy siempre es positivo en clase y trabaja muy duro. Felicidades a Eddy para ser estudiante del mes.


Vanessa Avila

Vanessa Avila is a sixth-grade student at Forks Intermediate School. She is the daughter of Esperansa Avila and Leonel Avila. She is 13 years old. Vanessa is always respectful, responsible and considerate of others. She is a wonderful example for others and extremely kind to everyone around her. Vanessa describes herself as friendly, sweet, quiet and responsible. Her favorite subject in school is science because it is fun to explore new things. She also enjoys writing her own stories, playing 4-square, and reading mystery novels.

Vanessa’s hobbies include swimming in local rivers with family and friends and watching mystery movies with friends. She enjoys spending time with her family and having family dinners at parties. Someday, Vanessa would like to visit Egypt, go exploring underwater and give good homes to animals that are hurt or homeless. Vanessa’s kind and caring nature is extended to everyone and we look forward to watching her take her loving compassion for others out into the world as she grows up! Congratulations Vanessa!