Can you spare some time?

Houses are taking shape on Maloney Lane but more work needs to be done …A participant works last Friday to get siding on one of the homes before the winter rains arrive. If you have a few hours to spare come roll up your sleeves and join in this incredible effort which will result in five Forks families (a total of nine adults and ten children) achieving a crucial amount of financial stability by finally owning their own homes. No skills are required all sorts of help would be welcomed, from cleanup to assisting with more difficult tasks.With funding from USDA grants and overseen by Peninsula Housing Authority (PHA), this project empowers groups of families to collectively build homes for themselves and each other, using sweat equity and volunteer labor. Photos Christi Baron

Several participants in the Mutual Self-Help build, on Maloney Lane, were prepping this house on Friday for painting that was to take place on Saturday.