City Council passes $4.47 million budget

The Forks City Council closed out its 2010 meeting schedule by passing a $4.475 million budget for 2011.

Also approved at the meeting was the acceptance of over $700,000 in state Transportation Improvement Board funds for a road and sidewalk improvement program that would run from Spartan Ave. to near the block where the Forks Community Center is located on Maple Ave.

Public Works Department Head Dave Zellar said it is possible the work could begin this summer if the project is fast tracked.

The Forks Chamber of Commerce was allocated $90,000 in what’s known as “Stadium Funds” in the budget. The funds come from visitor accommodation taxes and other sources. The funding helps underwrite salaries and expenses for operating the chamber, and will help pay for a new tourism marketing position. The new marketing position is in part a replacement for the former part-time events coordinator position that has been vacant within the City of Forks for over one year.

The council unanimously passed a resolution in support of continued state support for the Snider Creek Hatchery Program that is overseen by the Olympic Peninsula Guides Association, and supported by volunteers from the West End and by anglers from outside the region.

The council voted to forego a late December meeting. The next meeting is set for early January.