Congratulations Class of 2024: 8th Grade Completion

Forks Jr. High School would like to congratulate our seventy-three 8th-grade students for moving forward onto high school. Superintendent Diana Reaume remotely addressed the class, “We are all so proud of your accomplishments throughout this difficult COVID-19 time. Each day since we learned that we had to close our schools, we have missed seeing your faces! We look forward to seeing you as 9th graders in Forks High School this coming fall. Class of 2024, we challenge you to walk across the state to receive your high school diploma within four years. Spartan “STRONG!” Ms. Elena Velasquez, FJH Principal added, “For years we have been asking you to be respectful, responsible and safe. Those three simple expectations allow you and your classmates to interact with one another in a decent way and gives you permission to be you. They have also helped you take ownership of your actions and stay out of trouble. Now that you are done with Jr. High you can create your own expectations for yourself. Here are a few examples to choose from; committed, patient, kind, humble, honest, forgiving, or selfless. The character traits you choose will define who you are as you go through high school. I look forward to watching you in plays; rooting for you as you compete on the field, court or mat; hearing you play on the stage; seeing your name on the honor roll list in the Forum; passing by you as you drive nervously or confidently, for some of you, for the first time; thanking you for bagging my groceries at the store; or running into you at the coffee shop during your ‘open campus’ lunchtime. But most of all I look forward to hearing your name called out when you get your diploma four years from now. Congratulations Class of 2024. Show Forks High School how amazing each of you are! “

The following students received subject Medal Awards for being outstanding students in multiple categories set by 8th-grade teachers.

Hailey Baker (Sci)

Rowan Ball (SocSt, Math)

Alex Black Ensastegui (SocSt)

Emily Cortez-Vazquez (Sci, Eng)

Nate Dahlgren (Math)

Jack Delgado (Sci)

Sarai Elena-Garcia (Music)

Serena Escobar (Eng)

Hailey Garcia-Moog (SocSt, Sci, Math, Eng, PE)

Riyan Goetze (Math, Music)

Natalie Horejsi (Eng)

Derek Howell (SocSt, Eng)

Lynda Jeronimo-Pablo (Eng)

Keira Johnson (SocSt)

Kendall Marshall (SocSt, Sci, Math, Eng)

Charles Noble (Sci)

Lourdes Ortiz-Guevarra (SocSt)

Izael Perez-Velasquez (SocSt, Sci, Math, Eng)

Kaylen Price (Eng)

Sebastian Qunneke (Sci)

Kaidence Rigby (SocSt, Gen)

Gunner Rogers (Math, Eng, PE)

Gage Romberg (Sci, Gen)

Esperanza Salazar Garibay (Gen, PE)

Sloan Tumaua (PE)

Kevin Udave (Eng)

Raelee Wilson (SocSt)

Academic Excellence Principal’s Awards: Nate Dahlgren and Rowan Ball

Character Principal’s Award: Hailey Garcia-Moog, Kendall Marshall, Izael Perez-Velasquez

F. Elena Velasquez

Principal- Forks Intermediate/Jr. High School

Quillayute Valley School District

360-374-6262 x 359