Dahlgren to present documentary in Forks

  • Thu Apr 17th, 2014 9:59pm
  • News

Filmmaker John Dahlgren and Kasey Ulin filming in Luxembourg.

John Dahlgren was born and raised in Forks, so it seems only natural that he would want to share his first project of his career with his home town. After Dahlgren graduated from Forks High School in 2000 he attended school in Bellingham, Eugene and Seattle and wrote a couple of screen plays.

He eventually decided to make a documentary. The advise he got was to use a subject matter that was easily accessible, so he decided to do his film on his friend and FHS classmate Kasey Ulin and his wife Bracey as his subject matter.

Dahlgren called Ulin and Ulin said “I”m in” and Dahlgren begin the journey to tell the story of Ulin’s career in the European Basketball league. Dahlgren had nothing as far as equipment so he used Kickstarter, a web-based tool that helps fund projects, the website describes the project as “A true love and basketball story, as an American married couple follows their dreams to Europe.​​The story “Extending the Play” is not about basketball.

It is a unique story about redemption, opportunity, passion, love, humility and the trials and tribulations that arise while chasing a dream.Kickstarter got Dahlgren the money he needed to purchase equipment and he started filming in September 2012.The project took Dahlgren to Luxembourg where he was the subject of a news program and a newspaper article which caught the interest of a local filmmaker there who assisted Dahlgren with his project.Dahlgren has overseen every aspect of the project from the background music to the color grading.

Dahlgren said, “It is a feature length documentary, I plan on entering it in some American film festivals.” He hopes the exposure at the film festivals will open the door to directing other projects.

Dahlgren is in South Carolina putting the finishing touches on his documentary. He plans a screening for family and friends in Forks at the FHS Auditorium at 7 p.m. Friday, April 25. Dahlgren is hoping to fill the auditorium, for questions or more information contact Dahlgren via e-mail at [email protected]