Daily Calls – Forks PD, Fire and EMT

Dec. 19

Malicious mischief 300 block N. Forks Ave., accident MP 215 Hwy 101 N., citizen assist E. Division, medical Sportsmans Club Rd., citizen assist Friars Way, warrant attempt 300 block Bogachiel Way, theft G St., policing Hwy 101 N., medical Whitcomb Diimmel, citizen assist Bogachiel Way, traffic stop 170 N. Forks Ave., vehicle accident La Push Rd., traffic hazard Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, medical Smithville, traffic hazard 1500 block Calawah Way, theft 950 S. Forks Ave., traffic hazard Hwy 101 N., traffic hazard Hwy 112 Clallam Bay.

Dec. 20

Medical Fir Ave., fire service Mullins Dr., fire (other) Mora Rd., vehicle accident 1900 block Calawah Way, vehicle accident Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, vehicle accident 202525 Hwy 101 N., civil Clallam Bay, medical Fir Ave., 9-1-1 hangup, community policing Clallam Bay, medical Lyon Ct., citizen assist La Push, 9-1-1 hangup, building check La Push Rd.

Dec. 21

No Report

Dec. 22

Disturbance Founders Way, medical Lyon Ct., death investigation, vicious animal 7th Ave., civil 950 S. Forks Ave., lost property Cedar Ave., policing Hwy 101 N., weapons discharge Brower St., civil Bunker Rd., medical Hwy 101 N., traffic stop 400 block N. Forks Ave., traffic hazard 300 block N. Forks Ave.

Due to an early deadline reports from Dec. 23-25 will appear next week.