Daily Calls – West End Police, Fire and EMS

Jan. 30

Domestic Smithville, unwanted person Weel Rd., civil Little John, theft 500 block S. Forks Ave., traffic complaint Hwy 101 N., policing Camas Ave., chimney fire Moriarty Rd., traffic stop Fauna Lane, patrol request Mora Rd., suspicious activity Tillicum Ln.

Jan. 31

Fraud N. Forks Ave., vehicle prowl Founders Way, building check La Push, patrol request La Push, disturbance Bogachiel Way, missing person Fir Ave., patrol request La Push Rd., disturbance 1200 block S. Forks Ave., patrol request Mora Rd.

Feb. 1

Medical Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, medical Dickey Lane, medical H St., assault Camas Ave., policing E. Division St., 9-1-1 hangup, drug violation Camas Ave., civil La Push, injured animal Rixon Rd., civil La Push, 9-1-1 hangup Hwy 112 Clallam Bay, civil Leyendecker Rd., patrol request Mora Rd., community policing Elk Valley, disturbance G St., Adult Protective Service G St., civil Page Rd., boat patrol, found animal Calawah Way, trespass La Push, suspicious activity 100 block N. Forks Ave., suspicious activity G St.

Feb. 2

Citizen assist Calawah Way, policing La Push, vicious animal 900 block S. Forks Ave., 9-1-1 hangup Lake Pleasant, 9-1-1 hangup Lake Pleasant, explosion.

Feb. 3

Policing La Push, 9-1-1 hangup Spartan Ave., citizen assist, policing Camas Ave.

Feb. 4

Death investigation, alarm 2nd Ave., 9-1-1 hangup Lake Pleasant, suspicious activity Bear Creek, civil E. Division St., civil Elderberry Ave., policing La Push, theft 1600 block S. Forks Ave., patrol request La Push, warrant arrest Weel Rd.

Feb. 5

Vehicle accident Russell Rd., citizen contact 300 block Bogachiel Way, stray animal 2nd Ave., traffic stop Hwy 101 N., medical Calawah Way, traffic stop N. Forks Ave., traffic stops 800-900 block S. Forks Ave., policing Lake Pleasant, suspicious activity 900 block S. Forks Ave.

These accounts are is preliminary information and may not be factual.