Eagle Repair Towing: A Grateful Farewell to 11 Years of Service

After 11 years of dedicated service, Eagle Repair & Towing has announced that it has closed its doors as of January 31, 2024. The decision, a conscious one, comes as a bittersweet chapter in the journey that began on December 28, 2012, when the current owners, Frank and Anna Geyer signed the dotted line on the purchase of their home and business, located on Russell Road.

In a heartfelt message to the community, the Geyers express their gratitude for the support and kind words received as they make this significant decision. The decision to close was not due to external pressures but a choice made with the greater purpose of the community in mind. The owners emphasize that they are not forced to close but have opted to take this step.

The couple acknowledged the local community, expressing hopes that someone from the area would step forward to continue the towing service. Without a local service, the West End community might face challenges in getting timely tow-call responses. The Geyers are hopeful that either a local buyer will emerge, or the tow trucks will find new homes within the community.

Since the beginning, Frank and Anna had a 10-year plan, which extended to 11 years. The journey involved learning the ins and outs of auto repair and towing, expanding from a two-person operation to employing a team of mechanics and front desk staff. The business became a cornerstone of the small-town experience, with loyal customers turning into cherished relationships.

The Geyers look back fondly on the dedicated team members they have had throughout the years, highlighting the contributions of mechanics, front desk personnel, and even family members who played a crucial role in the business’s growth.

As the doors close, the Geyers thank the community for its loyalty and patronage. They recommended that customers consider purchasing AAA for their future towing needs. Anna shared that Frank will be returning to work as the Director of Quileute Natural Resources for the next two months, continuing to serve the tribe.

While the decision to close is undoubtedly bittersweet, the Geyers express their commitment to making the best decision going forward for both their family and the community. The closing of Eagle Repair & Towing marks the end of a legacy of service, community, and enduring friendships.

At a farewell lunch on the last day of business, Anna shared that several interested parties had stepped up, interested in purchasing the business. A verbal agreement has been made with one. Further details to follow.