Forks Intermediate School-February Students of the Month

Fourth, fifth and sixth grade student of the month .....

Fourth — Joe Franklin

In the Franklin family, Joseph Franklin IV is known as a bit of a prankster. He once scared his younger sister so bad she wet her pants. If you ever hear Joe laugh his evil laugh, turn and go the other way. Quickly.

The son of Melanie Donahue, the school nurse, and Joseph Franklin III, Joe has three sisters, Mercy, Lucy and Molly, and one brother, Doug. The family has three cats, whom Joe adores. Leo, who lives with Joe’s grandparents, looks fat but is really just fluffy. Joe finds amusement as he watches Hazel attack Cookie. Joe really likes the family dog, Ralph. At school, Joe enjoys math class. He finds learning multiplication and division challenging.

Joe’s favorite food is split pea soup made by his mom. He especially likes the sausage in the soup. And if you want to get Joe a candy treat, he really likes Extreme Sour WarHeads.

When he’s not at school, you can find Joe playing Call of Duty — Ghost, his favorite video game. He loves playing this video game because he is able to play live with his dad who lives in Marysville. Joe has a special connection with one of his sisters who also plays Call of Duty — Ghost. Joe’s weapon of choice for Call of Duty — Ghost is an AK12 with the silencer, thermal sight and extra grip which allows him to shoot with more accuracy and stealth.

Joe was chosen as a fourth-grade Student of the Month because of his willingness to work hard. Joe is a good example of how to be a learner.


Fourth — Riyan Goetze

Riyan Goetze is a fourth-grader in Mrs. Leverington’s homeroom class and is the daughter of Phillip and Jaymi Goetze. She has two younger sisters Harper and Daphne. Riyan has been selected as a fourth-grade Student of the Month because she is a responsible, capable student.

She always knows what to do and then does it. She never needs a reminder after a direction is given, she just completes what is asked of her. Throughout the school day, Riyan builds positive relationships with other students. Her happy smile and positive attitude make her a favorite among other students. Riyan takes pride in her work, taking on challenges head on. Currently she is working on an extra credit assignment in literacy, taking extra time to learn about a more specific event at a landform.

At school, Riyan loves her literacy and math classes. In literacy class, she loves that she has had the opportunity to learn about the digestive system (human body system) and most recently, landforms (geology) in the research labs. As part of her research, Riyan has learned that humans can change landforms. For instance, people create new hills, lakes and rivers when they construct new projects. Her favorite read this year has been “Deadly Pink,” a story about a gamer who must rescue her sister from being stuck inside a video game.

She recommends it to all. Solving problems makes Riyan happy in math. She likes the challenge of multiplication and division also. At recess, Riyan loves to play on the playground and on the spinny toy with LillyAnn, Elizabeth and Madison G.

She’s had a big change this year at home, also. The whole family has “gone off the grid” so to speak. They have abandoned excessive technology and are trying to live simply. She really has enjoyed helping her dad to construct the chicken coop and a new bunk bed for her sister and herself. Cooking with mom is another favorite — especially if it’s cookies. In her free time, Riyan and Harper love to take walks throughout their property, investigating the various structures, trees, hills and outdoors while playing house along the way. Congratulations Riyan on a job well done.



Fifth — Kenya Rosales

Kenya Rosales is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Tuttle’s homeroom. Her favorite class is science with Mr. Johansen. She enjoys doing experiments. Her favorite topic so far has been habitats. Kenya likes animals. She had a gerbil and several dogs when she was younger.

She enjoys spending time with friends during lunch and recess. Kenya also enjoys math class with Mrs. Tuttle. Adding and subtracting fractions has been the most interesting topic in math this year. When not at school, Kenya plays soccer with her friends. She has played youth league basketball as well. Kenya practices basketball with her brother at home. When it’s raining, Kenya and her sister enjoy puddle jumping as they walk through the rain. Kenya lives with her mom Kelly, her grandma Claire, her sister Delanie and her brother Freddy. Her teachers nominated her because she pays attention in class and she is very respectful. She is a hard worker and is willing to try new things.


Fifth — Grady Earls

Grady Earls is a fifth-grade student in Mrs. Tuttle’s homeroom. His favorite class is science with Mr. Johansen. His favorite topic this year was energy. Grady especially enjoyed learning about how energy travels and transforms. He also enjoyed the Snap Circuits which were provided by the Hull Foundation as part of a grant this year.

Grady made a flying saucer which hit the ceiling! Grady also enjoys Mr. Wheeler’s PE class. He enjoys exercising and his favorite sport is basketball. Grady has been in two leagues during his two years of basketball. When Grady is not in school he enjoys practicing magic. At the recent Forks Intermediate School talent show, Grady took second place with his magic act.

Grady also enjoys farming and has shown chickens and cows at the fair. Grady lives with his mom Nicole, his dad Jason, his brother Connor and his sister Leilee.

Grady has a dog named Hunter and cats named Brownie and Twinkie. Grady was picked because he is respectful and he helps people. Grady tackles new and difficult problems with a positive attitude.



Sixth — Candida Rose Sandoval

Candida Rose Sandoval is a sixth-grader at Forks Intermediate School and is 11 years old. She is the daughter of Sundi-Rose Sandoval and Hugo Ernesto Sandoval Sr. Candida is a respectful, responsible and kind young woman, who also is hard at work in class and is determined to get good grades.

Her favorite subject is PE because she enjoys getting exercise and staying healthy. She enjoys reading novels and her favorite book is “The Year My Parents Ruined My Life.” Candida likes doing division in math and continues to work on explaining her thinking in English language arts.

She also enjoys science. Candida describes herself as hilarious, shy and perseverant! When she’s not at school, she enjoys relaxing in a friendly game of Monopoly or watching TV with her brother. Her favorite TV show and movie are “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Candida loves to go camping with her family, swimming with her friends, playing soccer, doing gymnastics and drawing. Her favorite foods are pasole and New York cheesecake. Someday, Candida would like to see a Real Madrid soccer game, travel to El Salvador, Paris and Hawaii. Candida is an awesome student who brightens up the classroom with her upbeat, friendly attitude. Congratulations Candida!


Sixth — Alex Pedro

Alex Pedro is a sixth-grader at Forks Intermediate School and is 11 years old. His parents are Rosa Juan Alonzo and Sebastian Pedro-Tomas. Alex is a respectful, responsible and polite young man. He always is eager and ready to learn in class and strives for high grades. His favorite subject is PE because he gets to learn and play new games. He also likes the computer lab and learning new technology, plus it’s a great place to finish his homework!

Alex wants to experience new things and ideas, that’s why he likes science. Alex describes himself as athletic, curious, helpful and hilarious.

He likes to read fantasy books on a rainy day and his favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” His favorite movie is “Fast and Furious” and his favorite TV show is “Lab Rats.” Alex has a love of soccer and loves playing it with friends. He is good at the rules and regulations, too. When he is hanging out with his family, he enjoys making people laugh, watching football games and swimming. His favorite food is enchiladas. Alex is happiest when he is with animals, listening to music, drawing and playing soccer.

Someday Alex would like to visit Puerto Rico, Los Angeles and Hawaii. Alex is a great addition to any class and knows that hard work equals success. Congratulations Alex!