Forks Junior High March Students of the Month

  • Thu Apr 20th, 2017 1:36pm
  • News

The Student of the Month project is sponsored by Soroptimist International of the Olympic Rain Forest (SIORF). Students of the Month are chosen by their teachers and presented with positive rewards for consistently displaying respect and responsibility for their behavior and academic achievement and always making good choices.

Trey Baysinger, son of Scott and Nellie Baysinger, was chosen to be one of the eighth-grade Students of the Month for March for many reasons. Respectful is a word that often comes up when asked about Trey’s character. Trey is respectful not only to his teachers but also to his classmates. He is a student who chooses to actively engage in his learning. Trey always is willing to help others and works well that way, but also is competitive enough to want to be one of the first ones finished with things and to do the best work.

He provides deeper level thinking commentary to class discussions. He has a positive and upbeat personality. When asked what he enjoyed about school, Trey said that he enjoys math and science. Trey’s teachers feel that he does an excellent job of balancing school and athletics. He is responsible; he always makes sure that he completes missing work and instruction after absences. Outside of school, Trey can be found hanging out with friends, playing basketball, and listening to music.

Eighth-grader Natalie Lausche, the daughter of Shaun and Rebecca Lausche, was chosen to be one of the Students of the Month by her teachers. She is a student that works well with everyone in class, is humble and gracious, and makes the school a better place to be. Natalie’s favorite subjects are PE and history. Regardless of which class she is in or what is happening in the room though, Natalie can be counted on to give it her best attention and concentration.

Natalie is the type of student that reminds teachers why they chose this profession in the first place. She is a dedicated student who does a good job balancing the demands of being a student-athlete. Natalie enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, and riding quads.

Connor Earls, son of Jason and Nicole Earls, was chosen to be one of the seventh-grade Students of the Month for March. Connor always is polite and stays focused in class. He shows an incredible work ethic by sticking with an assignment or project until it is completed — even if he needs to come in before or after school to get it done. He understands the concept of being a student-athlete, meaning he always puts his learning first.

He asks questions when he doesn’t understand, seeks out help when necessary, volunteers during class discussion and always is willing to help others in need. He is eager to expand his knowledge about music and what is out in the world. Connor looks forward to lunch and PE every day. This kid likes to be outdoors. He loves to go hunting with his dad, play basketball with his brother and go for runs down his driveway.

Myra Luong is the daughter of Huan and Jan Luong. Myra’s teachers chose her to be one of March’s seventh-grade Students of the Month for multiple reasons. Myra says that she enjoys learning new things every day and problem-solving. This desire to grow as a student is evident in the classroom. She continually shows how much she cares about her education by remaining on task and giving her best effort.

Myra produces a high quality of work all of the time, is diligent, self-motivated and responsible for her own learning. For example, she checks in with her teacher when she is going to be gone or when she has missed school. Beyond academics, Myra is respectful and kind to everyone she encounters. She can be counted on to willingly participate in discussions and group work. She is a delight to have in class. When she’s not at school, Myra enjoys hanging out with Cassia and Holly, watching Netflix and listening to new music.

Congratulations to these March Students of the Month who received a certificate and a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Students were honored with their parents at a pizza luncheon at the junior high school.