Forks Taxi going back on the road

Service ready for New Year's Eve

Forks Taxi is back on the road. Here company co-owner Lee Moore stands alongside the company’s new vehicle, a five-passenger Nissan Quest, inside Rigby’s Auto Body. The company’s Ford Victoria went out of service at Christmas. The new vehicle is scheduled to ready to pick up passengers as of Thursday evening, Dec. 30. Riders can call 640-4473 to request a pickup. Rigby’s has set up both of the Forks Taxis including installing a taxi meter. Rigby’s will be adding the decals to the taxi later in January.

Lee Moore and the Forks Taxi

Chris Cook – Forks  Forum photo

Forks Taxi is based in Forks. The company is the only taxi service that is currently approved by the Forks City Council to operate in Forks. Forks Taxi drivers can drive passengers to  Port Angeles and Sequim from any point on the West End, but isn’t allowed by law to pick up passengers in those cities.