Forks, WA resident featured in PBS Program “Self-Evident”

Forks, WA resident featured in PBS Program “Self-Evident”

  • Fri Aug 21st, 2020 2:37pm
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A new PBS digital series “Self-Evident” premiered on Monday, Aug. 17 on PBS’s original YouTube channel, PBS Voices, Facebook page, and PBS Video App.

Ten-year-old Forks, WA resident Jacob H. appears in this episode. Jacob’s story of his discovery of HAM radio was shared with the Forks Forum a few months back. The story was shared and seen online by multiply entities and was even seen in the UK and by staff at PBS.

PBS contacted the Forks Forum and Editor Christi Baron put the two in contact.

Monday’s episode “Being Ten in 2020” includes Jacob’s self-shot story about how he set up his own amateur radio in quarantine so he can connect with more people beyond his small town.

“Being Ten in 2020” offers a unique and personal look at a diverse group of 10-year-old kids from all over the U.S. (including Jacob) giving their tips on staying strong, safe and sane in 2020. Every 10-year-old kid goes through big changes while they’re simultaneously learning to navigate and understand the wider world.

By nature, this makes them incredibly resilient and adaptable. Could their resilience and adaptability give them an edge when it comes to taking on the seismic shifts happening in 2020?

“Self-Evident” is inspired by PBS’s 50th-anniversary storytelling initiative “American Portrait” and is informed by the central question that “PBS American Portrait” examines: “What does it really mean to be an American today?”


Forks, WA resident featured in PBS Program “Self-Evident”