Grand Lodge Issues Challenge

Forks Elks Lodge #2524 accepted the Grand Lodge challenge to become an All-American Lodge. This is the most prestigious award issued to local lodges that have accomplished a long list of goals for their lodge and Grand Lodge.

This award shows that your Forks Elks Lodge is working as a team. Officers and Members working together is how we thrive and strengthen community relationships. Building stronger ties shows cities and towns how Elks working together can accomplish amazing things.

Some of the categories to acquire points are Most Valuable Student Scholarships, Lodge-funded scholarships, conducting a Drug Awareness Education program, Hoop Shoot and Soccer Shoot Contests, Youth Activities, Veteran programs, Flag Day Service, having a Lodge member participate in a certified competition.

To that end, Lynne Barnes, PER participated in the 11 o’clock Toast Contest receiving 99.86 points out of a possible 100. She received a traveling trophy for her endeavors, winning 20 extra points for Forks. Congratulations Lynne. Lynne also participated in the State Elks Winter convention’s flag contest where she placed 3rd racking up another 20 points. Again, congratulations Lynne!

At this time Forks Elks Lodge #2524 headed up by Mike Leavitt, ER, and his Officer corps, have been working diligently on racking up points to once again repeat the win of 2021-2022 when we placed first in the nation in our division with 892 points. This year’s goal is over 1000 points. We are judged and grouped by membership totals.

Thank you to our amazing community, our hard-working members, and officers helping to accomplish our goals.