Green Light provides details of Forks Police Car model agreement

No payment to police departments, common practice

A representative of Green Light Toys has responded to questions from the City Council regarding a license to manufacture tiny replicas of two versions of the Forks Police Department patrol cars. 

 A request for permission to use Forks Police Department logos on the cars was requested at a council meeting held in April. Councilmembers had questions about whether the city would receive payment for use of the logos and had other questions.

City of Forks Attorney/Planner Rod Fleck sent an email to the company on April 25.

The Green Light response is on the agenda for the Monday, May 14 meeting of the council.

Some of Green Light representative Katie Roland’s responses are listed below:

– How many model types to be produced, and how many actual models will be manufactured? One model car would be the older style FPD cruiser, the one pictured in the Twilight films, similar in style to the cars in Green Light’s Hollywood replica cars, such as the Blues Brothers’ police car. The second model would feature the current logo design; usually about 10,000 cars per model per year are manufactured.

– Will the Green Light cars be available to local retailers to sell? Yes, they just need to contact Green Light.

– Will there be payment in cash or a benefit to the City of Forks for use of the logos? No, no payment is made. Roland wrote, “We work with police departments across the country for our product line called Hot Pursuit, which is where we would like to use the Forks Police Department car as well and we do not provide payment to any of those police departments.” Twelve of the model cars would be given to Forks.

– Would the City of Forks be required to pay to help develop the product line, or be required to purchase any of the cars? No, there’s no financial commitment, all that is needed is images of the police cars to be sent by the City of Forks. The cars can be purchased at wholesale prices from Greenlight, 48 cars at $3.59 per packaged car, which would retail for $5.99 per car.

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