Happy 10th anniversary to me!

If you are reading this on Thursday, Nov. 16 then … today is my tenth anniversary (or pretty close) here at the Forks Forum! If you are reading this on any other day …then just keep reading.

So it was ten years ago that I came to be the editor of my hometown newspaper.

I knew nothing of what I was doing and still some days it feels the same …but holy smokes that is about 520 newspapers …no wonder I am tired …

Thanks to everyone for the continued support.

It is a small paper this week and I hope to catch up next week with Halloween and some election stuff…..

In other news, I hope some of you will come and listen in at the next West End Historical Society Meeting when we will hear from Gary Peterson about the new book he and his sister, Glenda Schaad, have written.

Daughter of the Olympic Wilderness follows the life of a Hoh Tribal woman and the unusual destiny she chose after escaping an unhappy arranged marriage. It is packed with local history from the turn of the century, and a wealth of carefully researched tribal cultural details and rarely-seen photos. The book was printed locally by Vern Hestand and is also currently available for sale are many local businesses. WEHS meets at noon on the third Tuesday of the month, Nov. 21, at the Forks Congregation Church. Lunch is available for purchase for $8.50.

Year eleven here I come …

Christi Baron, Editor