Hiker Still Missing

Hiker Laura Macke went missing in the Olympic National Park on Nov. 2, 2022. Laura started her hike on Oct. 30, with her goal to hike the Enchanted Valley. Her permit had her camping at Pyrites Creek on Oct. 30, and exiting the backcountry on Oct. 31. However, she indicated she would still be in the backcountry on Nov. 1. A significant rainstorm started on Oct. 30 and Laura never returned to her family.

Weather permitting, Laura’s family is doing a volunteer search on March 24 and 25. Laura’s Dad and her sister, Angela Macke will be meeting on both days at 8 a.m. at the Graves Creek Trailhead in Olympic NP. Their focus will be on the area between Pony Creek Bridge and Fire Creek.

Ferns and major ground coverage that is typically thick in this area are short at this time. There has been some snow, but it is warming up and the river levels are lower than usual.

Laura’s Dad has continued to search for her the entire time she has been missing, so he is familiar with the current conditions of the area. Conditions will be wet so if you plan to participate in the search, plan accordingly.

Laura is 35 year old, 5’ 6”, and 200 pounds. Information can be shared with ONP at 888-653-0009.