Introducing Best of the West End!

Nominations are being accepted for the Best of The West End

For the first time ever the West End has its very own competition!

Pick your favorites in a variety of topics, and send them in to us between June 3 and June 16.

Those with the most nominations will advance to the voting round, which will take place between June 24 and July 7.

It’s time again to vote for the Best of the Peninsula! In separate Clallam County, Jefferson County – and new – West End ballots, voters will be asked to first nominate their favorite services, food, shopping, recreation and people from June 3-16.

Once the top 5 nominees from each category have been determined, the Best of the Best voting round will begin June 24 and end at midnight July 7.

Voters will be asked to register only one time in each county in order to cast their ballots.

Best of the Peninsula is conducted by the advertising department online at, and

This is the 29th consecutive year of the online contest for Clallam and Jefferson County and the first year for Best of the West End.

Join in the fun and vote for your favorites and Best of luck to those in the running for Best of 2024!

Best of The West End ballot:

Best of Clallam:

Best of Jefferson: