Kiddies Play Day Results

  • Thu Jul 13th, 2017 10:43am
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The results are in!

Individual Race

Age 2-3: 1st Kinzie Daniels, 2nd Able Gaydeski, 3rd Kendra Camacho

Age 4-5: 1st Aaliyah Whidden, 2nd Mason Rigby, 3rd Wyatt Foust

Age 6-7: First Heat-1st Eric Romeo, 2nd Eli Scarlett, 3rd Gage Rigby Second Heat-1st Finn Zorbist, 2nd Brooklyn Rondeau, 3rd Kodiak Cummings

Age 8-9: First Heat-1st Chloe Gaydeski, 2nd Avery Dilley, 3rd John Parker. Second Heat-1st Emanuel Hernandez, Brooklyn Windle

Age 10-11: 1st Brady Wakatsun, 2nd Sloan Tamaua, 3rd Keira Johnson

Age 12-13: 1st Chloe Blankenship, 2nd Aspen Rondeau, 3rd Ryan Rancourt

14 and up: 1st Frankie Torres, 2nd Luis Perez, 3rd Jared Jewett

Gunny Sack Race

Age 2-3:1st Kaden Woody, 2nd Josie Hainstock, 3rd Saylor Peterson

Age 4-5: 1st David Sifuentes, 2nd Aubree Dans-Hoekstra, 3rd Noah Zorbist

Age 6-7: 1st Radley Bennett, 2nd Brooklyn Rondeau, 3rd Kimberly Camacho

Age 8-9: 1st Tyler Adams, 2nd Memphis Richards, 3rd Corbin Leppell

Age 10-11: 1st Walker Wheeler, 2nd Flora Horjesi, 3rd Keira Johnson

Age 12-13: 1st Kadie Wood, 2nd Zoie Davis, 3rd Keira Johnson

14 and up: 1st Frankie Torres, 2nd Kadie Wood, 3rd Zoie Davis

Three-Legged Race

Age 2-3: 1st Dax Baysinger and Mackenzie Suslick, 2nd Briley Bowden and Zeke Zorbist

Age 4-5: 1st Leighton Foster and Hailey, 2nd Aaliyah Whidden and Liam Coburn, 3rd Leonie Conlon and Lillian Crippen

Age 6-7: 1st Brooklyn Rondeau and Ava Baker, 2nd Sara Sifuentes and Deliah Ashen, 3rd Radley Bennett and Mercedes Baker

Age 8-9: 1st Tanner Zorbist and Hudson Bowden, 2nd Memphis Richards and Destiny Colson, 3rd Chloe Gaydeski and Peyton Johnson

Age 10-11: 1st Sloan Tamaua and Mike Dunn, 2nd Natalie Horejsi and Caila Whorton, 3rd Peyton Johnson and Chloe Gaydeski

Age 12-13: 1st Amya Hampton and Chloe Blankenship, 2nd Zoie Davis and Ashlynn Carstensen, 3rd Nessa Ramos and Keana Rowley

14 and up: 1st Zoie Davis and Ashlynn Carstensen, 2nd Marva Daman-Swidecki and Dakota Rasmussen, 3rd Mark and Matt Jacobson

Water Ballon Toss

First Heat: 1st Jace Decker and Emanuel Hernandez, 2nd Memphis Richards and Destiny Colson, 3rd Julieanne Haag and Kaydence Wampler

Second Heat: 1st Jerome Eastman and Eric Ceja, 2nd Nicole Winger and Aspen Rondeau, 3rd Frankie Torres and Dan Warren

Watermelon Eating Contest

1st Kenny Daman, 2nd Marva Daman-Swidecki, 3rd Jaleen Woodward