Lake Pleasant Community Beach County Park Dock Project Update

Dock Delayed

A November 2021 storm left the Lake Pleasant Community Beach County Park covered in 3-4’ of water, rendering the right-side dock severely damaged and unusable.

In 2022, The County Parks, Fair, and Facilities Department began the process of garnering the necessary funding, permitting, and supplemental grants to repair the dock.

The county received the necessary state permitting in late June of this year and has also secured funding and supplemental grants to complete the project.

Unfortunately, the construction window is limited by the state due to the annual salmon spawning season. Because of these restrictions, county parks cannot complete this project in 2023.

At this juncture, county parks have tabled the project until late winter 2024, when it can begin the contracting process in anticipation of commencing the dock repairs in mid-July 2024.

For further information or questions, contact The Clallam County Parks, Fair, and; Facilities Department at 360-417-2291 or