Lightning storm knocks out power

Fire destorys home on Quillayute Prairie

Lightning strikes early Wednesday evening knocked out power for about 90 minutes. Local residents called the afternoon thunder and lightning storm an unusual one for the closeness of strikes to downtown Forks. There were reports of flames coming from a transformers and heavy rattling of glass and walls.

A home on the Quillayute Prairie caught fire and was heavily damaged at about the time of the blackout, reportedly from a chimney fire unrelated to the lightning storm.

Hail in Forks Outfitters parking lot

A good measure of hail fell on Forks as a warm weather system arrived on the West End. The Forks Outfitters parking lot, pictured here during the power outage, had its share of hail. The store has back up generators and drew customers in need of flashlights and other emergency supplies, as well as a substitute for dinner at homes without electricity.