Medical Management company to evaluate Bogachiel and Clallam Bay Clinics

Medical Management, Inc. (MedMan), a medical management company based in Boise, Idaho, has been contracted by Forks Community Hospital........


Medical Management, Inc. (MedMan), a medical management company based in Boise, Idaho, has been contracted by Forks Community Hospital to assist with the process of evaluating the current Bogachiel and Clallam Bay medical clinics operations and follow through by implementing recommendations that are approved by the hospital and its governing body.

MedMan was founded by Jim Trounson in 1977. His business model was based on his experience with outsourcing management companies that were improving the efficiency of hospitals by centralizing and computerizing many of their management functions. Trounson quickly saw how these techniques could be applied to the growing sector of outpatient medicine. MedMan came into being as the nation’s first physician practice management company.

The MedMan focus is on developing long-term relationships with Pacific Northwest clients, for the most part in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska. The clients range from small to large physician-owned and hospital-owned groups that can be primary care, specialty or a combination of both, similar to the current provider staffing at the Bogachiel and Clallam Bay clinics.

MedMan has had an on-going discussion with the leadership at Forks Community Hospital over the past 10 or so years, providing management consultation and planning services. This most recent agreement moves to the next step in the relationship with the placing of an experienced MedMan clinic administrator on an interim basis while MedMan recruits for a permanent clinic administrator who will be a MedMan employee but with the ultimate hiring decision being made by Forks Community Hospital.

Bill Burton, MHA, a former physician’s assistant, is serving as the interim clinic administrator. Burton, who has been associated with MedMan for the past 10 years, has many years of health care experience, including 20 years as a primary care physician assistant and over 25 years of clinic management, much of that in rural areas.

He said, “MedMan seeks out clients that are interested in increasing access to care, improving the patient experience and quality of service. Some of this is achieved through improving customer service, making sure we have the right mix of providers and qualified clinical and support staff.

Over the years, MedMan has been gathering best practices guidelines and standards that are introduced into the current clinic environment to make strategic, continuous improvement. On an annual basis, our medical groups and clinics experience the MedMan Improvement Cycle which consists of a practice assessment review, a review of the current clinic plan or the creation of a new plan, and the ongoing execution of that plan led by the on-site MedMan administrator.”

The on-site administrator is supported by the MedMan home office staffs that provide assistance/advice on staffing, billing, financial, marketing, compliance, quality improvement and many other management issues. In addition, the administrator has active, on-going dialog with all the other MedMan administrators who form a networking forum to exchange solutions to challenges and problems that present at an individual clinic. In this way, no administrator is isolated and always has support in carrying out their management responsibilities.

Burton said, “I’m really enjoying getting to know the staff at the clinics and hospital. The community has a comfortable feel and I’m sure we will be able to find a clinic administrator with the ‘right stuff’ that will match the expectations of the hospital and community. In the interim, we will begin the process of evaluation and planning and start making changes where needed to ensure the clinic reaches its potential as a provider of choice in the area.”