Mt. Olympus Chapter Campout

  • Tue Sep 26th, 2017 3:14pm
  • News

By Zorina Barker

The stack of four Dutch ovens just outside the wall tent was very intriguing late last Saturday afternoon at Littleton Horse Camp.

One can never be sure what’s inside until the lids come off these sturdy pans, but it’s always tasty.

The special cooking was done for the first Mt. Mueller Ride and Campout of the Mt. Olympus chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen of Washington.

Larry Baysinger, the chapter’s president was manning the ovens with his wife Sherry, who is also the chapter’s secretary.

They were joined by about 15 riders and 15 more folks who came to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere and meet like-minded horsey types. The potluck meal capped off a day of riding the trails immediately accessible from the horse camp.

Earlier in the day, the Baysingers had prepared a free breakfast for all the campers and riders as a “thank you” for supporting the chapter and the hard work of maintaining local trails throughout the year.

There was a brief safety meeting to make sure someone knew where all riders intended to go and assign a “drag rider” for each group so nobody got lost.

Then horses, mules and ponies were mounted up and people hit the trails for hours of time in the saddle enjoying the beautiful scenery.

In the afternoon, after the horses were put to rest on high-lines, hitch racks and corrals; given fresh hay, grain and water; the people convened in front of the big tent. Camp chairs of all colors were pulled together in a large circle around a blazing fire.

Dave and Rosalie Secord played hours of sing-along tunes while people enjoyed the hearty meal that was almost entirely homemade.

The Secords have been the musical attraction at many Backcountry Horsemen events and this evening they played a song they wrote just for the local chapters.

Several kids ran and played while adults got to know each other better and the sun dipped behind the tall fir and hemlock trees to the west.