Peninsula College Awarded Over $880k to Expand CDL Program, Provide Student Aid

Peninsula College has been awarded over $880,000 to expand its current Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) course and to provide expanded aid to students in the program.

The funds were awarded by the state Board for Community and Technical Colleges following a competitive grant process.

“Several industry partners have asked us to expand our CDL training,” Camilla Rico, director of community education and campus enterprises said. “With the addition of the ‘Commercial Drivers License and Related Instructional Programs Fund (CDL Fund),’ PC will be able to significantly increase CDL enrollment and therefore prepare more students for trucking and trucking-related supply chain industry jobs in the area.

The new funding will also allow the college to provide tuition assistance to students with financial need who have exhausted or do not qualify for other sources such as the Washington Innovation and Opportunity Act, Basic Food Employment and Training, or Peninsula College Foundation.

“With CDL Fund support, we can increase enrollment from 40 students to 130 plus students per year while providing expanded tuition assistance,” Rico said.

There will only be one class in Forks this year (May 29th-June 23rd). People can reach out to Rebecca Schwartz at the Forks Campus at or (360) 374-3223, with any questions