Property Tax Statements Sent to Jefferson County Residents

Property owners can expect to see property tax statements in their mailbox this week according to Jefferson County Treasurer Stacie Prada.

Those who are enrolled in eNotices received the email on February 7, 2023 at 12:36 PM PST from” With the subject line, “Your new/revised eNotice is available from the Jefferson County Treasurer.” Remember the deadline to pay first installment property taxes is extended to May 1, 2023 instead of April 30, because the due date falls on a weekend.

According to Jefferson County Assessor Jeff Chapman, the total taxable value for the County rose by 21.32% in 2022 from 2021. Due to budget limitations for taxing district increases, collections went up by only 3.25%, less than inflation. The result was that while property values went up, levy rates for non-voted levies dropped, and taxes for the average homeowner only changed by a few percent.

Median values (1/1/2022) for homes ranged from $316,000 (Brinnon) to $595,000 (Marrowstone) with the countywide and citywide median values both being $478,000.

For more information, contact Jefferson County Assessor Jeff Chapman at 360-385-9105.

Property taxes may be paid by mail, online, at the drop box behind the Courthouse, in the Treasurer’s Office in the Courthouse or by AutoPay. Information on these options is available on the County Treasurer’s webpage at or by contacting the Treasurer’s Office at 385-9150.