Restore the 4

“Groundbreaking” could be near for the project to restore the Port Angeles 1924 Willamette locomotive. Up first on the project is the removal of the hazardous asbestos insulation that wraps #4’s boiler. The City of Port Angeles had committed $50,000 for this work. The Parks Department sent out a request for bids several weeks ago. The lowest bid was $58,000. The PA City Parks Director will take a contract to the City Council for approval. Assuming it is approved, the contractor is expected to get started soon.

“Restore the 4” video production

Rayonier, KOMO-TV (Seattle WA), and the Polson Museum (Hoquiam, WA) all donated rights to some of their film, and it has been edited into a two-and-a-half-hour production. Visit for more details including stills from the films. There are also nearly 150 still images of Rayonier rail operations and hardware. The whole production is available for sale NOW, via eBay: Restore The 4! video collection – End of an Era and other titles, photos, ebooks | eBay. These will make a great holiday gift!

So far the total received and pledged for the project is up to $18,861.66! The goal is $100,000.

Not everyone who supports the project is able to contribute, a guestbook has been set up where folks can show support simply by lending their names to the project. An anonymous pledge was received for $1 (up to $750) per person who signs the guestbook at the project website So far, 203 people have signed.

Please remember to visit for more on the project. Donations, of any amount, are appreciated.