• Sat Feb 1st, 2020 6:09am
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On Dec. 26, 2019, at about 8:06 p.m. Deputies responded to the area of milepost 49 on Highway 112 for the report of a robbery that had just occurred. The victim of the robbery reported his vehicle had broken down on the side of Highway 112. While he waited for assistance two unidentified males stopped behind the victim asking him if he needed help.

When the victim said he did not and turned to walk back towards his vehicle he was struck in the back of the head by one of the males. The victim attempted to defend himself against the two males who were punching and kicking him. During the assault, one of the males ripped the victim’s wallet from his pocket and stole all of the cash inside then dropped the wallet.

Once the males had the money from the victim’s wallet they ran back to their truck and fled west on Highway 112 at a high rate of speed. The males were described as one being mid 20’s and the other possibly in his 40’s. Both males had a “mountain man” type of appearance and one had a long beard. The pickup they drove was a midsize pickup, possibly a Ford, unknown color.

On 12-30-19, Deputies received an anonymous tip about this case. Deputies were told by an anonymous party that the victim, in this case, had fabricated the report of being robbed and Deputies needed to look into the victim’s whereabouts and actions before the victim called 911 to report the robbery.

Deputies followed leads on the information provided by the anonymous party and a follow-up interview was conducted with the victim. During that interview, the victim admitted they had lied about the robbery and had falsely reported the crime due to having financial issues.

The investigation is being forwarded to the Clallam County Prosecutor’s Office for possible charges on the victim for falsely reporting a crime.

CASE No.: 2019-26779