The “Jesus Loves You Bus”

  • Fri May 2nd, 2014 11:56pm
  • News

It is hard to miss but in case you have not seen it, the brightly colored Jesus Loves You bus has been in town; inside the bus are Cas Sowinski and his dog Hey Girl.

It is Sowinski’s mission to travel the countryside, 40 states so far, and spread the gospel. He sells T-shirts and is a one-man band. “I don’t sell many shirts,” Sowinski admits. “They don’t fund my travel at all.

It’s from my own money and some money from family and friends.” Sowinski played a little concert on Friday night and on Monday Hey Girl (the dog) was resting in her lawn chair on the grass at the triangle. Sowinski and Hey Girl plan a trip to Neah Bay and then on to Port Angeles and points beyond.