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The Spruce Railroad Trail at Lake Crescent is open

  • Thu Apr 15th, 2021 2:42pm
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The debris from the landslide in January has been cleared and the repairs are now complete. Remember, due to the closure of East Beach Road at Highway 101, access to the Lyre River Trailhead on the eastern end of the Spruce Railroad Trail is currently via Highway 112 to Joyce-Piedmont Rd. East Beach Road remains closed for public safety due to debris hazards following the wildland fire on the steep slope above the road this summer.

The Spruce Railroad Trail follows the historic railroad grade of the Spruce Railroad, built in 1918 to harvest and transport aircraft-quality spruce for biplanes in World War I. The railroad was almost complete in the fall of 1918, but the end of World War I that November meant the end of the operation and no Sitka spruce were ever processed at the local mills for biplanes. The railroad was purchased from the government and utilized as a common-carrier line and logging railroad after the war until it was abandoned in 1951.

Today, the railroad grade is part of Olympic National Park and the Spruce Railroad Trail is a piece of the planned 135-mile long Olympic Discovery Trail which will eventually connect Port Townsend to La Push—Puget Sound to the Pacific Ocean.