‘Top Gear’ goes log truckin

  • Fri Apr 11th, 2014 11:34pm
  • News

When Forks Chamber of Commerce Director Lissy Andros was summoned to city hall by City of Forks Attorney/planner Rod Fleck a number of weeks ago she said, “I thought I was in trouble,” but what was really happening was the television show “Top Gear America” was calling wanting to film a segment here in the West End.

Sen. Jim Hargrove, 24th District representative, contacted Fleck after recommending the West End as a good spot for the show. Hargrove’s daughter who works for the show thought Forks would be the perfect spot for the three hosts to try their hand at driving log trucks. The only worry for the City of Forks was that on occasion the vehicles used in the show do not make it to the end.

So there was some apprehension regarding encouraging local truck owners to take part.After a meeting between producers and a group of local truck drivers a deal was made and filming occurred last week.While the show’s PR department was less than helpful regarding photos and information it seems the three trucks drivers Ron Davis, Greg Hagen and Mike Wilhelm had a great time, and drivers and trucks survived the experience.

It was rumored that other filming also took place on “G” Street in Forks on Thursday and near Clallam Bay on Friday. Since the three hosts did not have commercial driver’s licenses when on the highway they required police escorts. The hosts met with chamber staff, truck drivers and city officials at the Visitor Center last Wednesday for a few pictures with the cardboard cast of Twilight and some of the locals who helped with the show.The air date for the show is unknown at this time.