Weather Station donated to Forks Timber Museum

  • Thu May 2nd, 2019 11:35am
  • News

Jerry King from the Forks NOAA Weather observation station recently donated a weather station to the Forks Timber Museum.

About the donated item Jerry said, “I believe that the weather station is about 75 years old. As it was used by my mother and grandmother before they put it up on my property in 1972. We still use the same type of rain gauge, but the temperature is now done electronically.”

Jerry’s family has been in the weather statistics keeping business in Forks for three generations.

Jerry provides the weather information daily for Forks to NOAA and his information is used weekly in the Forks Forum, most news media use the weather statistic from the Quillayute Prairie weather station which can be quite different than what is happening in Forks!