West End Wood Project

Local dump trucks lined up for another load of firewood as Forks Lions Club members spent time last Saturday volunteering for the West End Wood Project. Around 2002, Dave Sallee, Olympic Corrections Center, came to OlyCAP and asked if it could provide a “name” to put out there to the public so there could be a place for them to go to for a firewood project.

It was named the West End Wood Project as it is specific to the West End. The project works like this … OCC gathers and cuts blown-down timber throughout the year and stores it on Rayonier land.

OlyCAP gathers names of seniors (priority) and the disabled and then low-income residents in that order as potential recipients of the firewood. Rachel Chilson with OlyCAP said, “The sign-ups take place a month before delivery and then the Lions Club is amazing and delivers it all in one day! It’s already split and they generally take a truck load/trailer load to each person.”

Last weekend around 50 loads of firewood, donated by OCC, was delivered by Forks Lions Club members to those in need in the community. Thanks to all the volunteers, with recognition to Jack Hillcar and Brian Olson who each have 10 years with the project. The new co-chairs for the project are Tim Fletcher and Joe Soha. Lions Club Photo