Paul Keith Brown Jr.

Paul Keith Brown Jr. passed away at the age of 73 on May 19, 2021, in Sekiu, WA. He was born and raised in Seattle. Paul was artistic, showing skill at drawing and carving at a young age. As a teenager and young adult, he enjoyed sailing and skiing. Paul attended the University of Washington where he earned an undergraduate degree in anthropology. During his college years, he enjoyed travel adventures in Europe.

Soon after graduating, Paul moved to Sekiu where He started a family and put down “NewRoots” and made many friends in a great community! He worked in the timber industry, initially for Crown Zellerbach, quickly moving into log scaling and quality control. In the late 1980s, Paul went to work at Pacific Rim Tonewoods, a specialty sawmill that supplies wood to the makers of fine musical instruments. Paul performed various duties. He ranged over much of Alaska and British Columbia looking for and purchasing the “right logs”. He worked in production at many stages and grading finished products. He traveled to visit guitar manufacturers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Paul’s curiosity and singular manner endeared him to suppliers and customers alike.

In his late 50s, Paul began a long battle with dementia which caused him to have to stop working. He was able to stay in his home until his death thanks to the efforts of Terri Maneval who handled his affairs and arranged for his health care with the help of her family, as well as Edna and Jolly. Terri began as a helper and became a wonderful, caring friend. Paul is survived by his sons, Damien and Caleb, his sister Lynne Ellis, and his brother Michael.