An excellent Choice for Mayor

An excellent Choice for Mayor

I am writing to share my experience with Tim Fletcher and highlight a few of the reasons why I believe he would be an excellent choice for mayor.

I first met Tim as a teenager attending Forks Middle School. Tim did desktop support and electronics repair throughout the school district. I developed an interest in computers and technology in seventh grade and Tim was one of many great employees of QVSD that took a personal interest in curious students.

When the opportunity arose Tim invited us on service calls, he welcomed us to stop by his office and chat. He told us how he had started out logging and retrained into electronics.

He offered a great example of a relatable adult, a professional. He spoke to us in a way that let us know he was sincere. Hanging out with Tim was fun, and we respected him. In kind, he treated us with respect and recognized our interest in learning.

Before many of us had high-speed internet, Tim opened his house to us. We would bring our computers over to his house, string wires all over, and play computer games until early in the morning. In a town where the culture is marred by underage drinking and drug use, we were offered a more constructive choice. Tim sacrificed his energy, money, and most importantly his time to help us grow into responsible adults.

I went on to attend college and have had a twelve-year career in information technology. I now live in Olympia and have led multi-million dollar software development efforts as a private consultant for the State of Washington.

Tim and I remain friends to this day, I try and stop in to visit him each time I come to town to fish or see my parents.

I owe much of my success to a few outstanding QVSD employees. Tim was one of them.

Thanks for everything Tim. I truly appreciate your sacrifice and actively pay it forward with the young people in my life.

Luke Hansen