And more on Prayer

In response to Mr. Youngberg’s latest letter, I would like to ask a question. Do you know that we have a Chaplain of the Senate and a Chaplain of the House. These men or women pray before each session of Congress, and as for the civil use of prayer (separation of church and state), I cannot find any reference to an actual law.

Please do not tell me I cannot do what the Congress of the United States does. The Constitution states that government has to respect the religion and not make laws that favor one religion over another. It has nothing to do with whether we can pray in a civil setting or not. Mr. Youngberg, I do not want to silence your voice, but show you that you have no grounds for your argument. If you want to express any sort of personal belief at the Council meeting, please ask for an opportunity to do so.

Thank you, Kathi Whitworth