City Response regarding ‘More about the Sewer’

Editor’s note: With regard to the Penrose letter the City of Forks was given the opportunity to respond to the details that pertained to their involvement.

Dear Editor,

Per Clallam County records, the property located at 341 N. Forks Ave. was purchased in March 2008 by North Forks Investors, LLC and is still owned by them. Yes, Mr. Penrose paid for a building permit at 341 N. Forks Ave. in January 2017, which was subsequently refunded per his request.

At no time was Mr. Penrose told the property was approved for connection to the sewer. Mr. Penrose claims the sewer line “runs up the street on which the building is situated.” The sewer line terminates 562 feet away, in the center of Highway 101. He asserts that his business “would have the equivalent sewer discharge as a three-bedroom house.”

Based on the business model he described and our customer data, this is not accurate. He also discussed a second component to his business which would be a significant impact to the sewer system. As to his comment regarding the possibility that sometime in the future, someone may want to build a 50-room hotel – the City has an obligation to provide services to existing members in the district, some of which are currently discussing further development and build-out.

If Mr. Penrose chooses to go forward with his purchase of the property, he has the option to upgrade the septic system and operate in the same manner as other restaurants outside the sewer district, which is allowed by the Clallam County Health Department. Of course, as an alternative, he could purchase property within the sewer district. We commend Mr. Penrose for his commitment to donate 50 percent of his profits to local charities and encourage him to go forward with his business plans.


Bryon Monohon