Clallam Bay/Sekiu Listening Series

It was good to see our community working to address challenges in our changing times.

Local community members met Feb. 3 and 5 at the Clallam Bay Sekiu Lions to share interests for community improvements and service.

Listening to one another offered many perspectives and encouraged cooperation.

Many of those attending were longtime contributors to our community.

New community members found others who shared interests.

The process of identifying interest areas and grouping to discussion groups for ACTION TEAMS worked much better by the second of the two meetings.

Concerns, interests, and ideas were shared.

The Listening Series meetings were not intended to hear and solve all.

However, the clustering of interests into action teams did focus the attendees to specific areas.

Action Teams were clustered to have focused conversations and plan next steps.

Topics and conversations focused on Senior Support, Housing, Public Safety, Jobs, Youth Activities, Community Events, MUSIC in the Schools and more.

More dialogues and action plans will follow as Action Team Facilitators continue conversations and schedule focused meetings to define concerns and develop effective responses. Longtime community member, John Burdock, suggested that many would find ways to collaborate by joining the work/activities of existing organizations offering community support and services, such as West End Youth and Community and Lions Club.

Look forward to local meeting schedules to be posted at Post Office, School Reader Board, Library, possible website development and word of mouth.

Roy Morris and Nancy Messmer