Clothing Bank closes, Forks Chamber hears QVSD update, and vaccine update

Alana Collins with the Clothing Bank announced the following on Friday “It is with sadness in my heart as of today, the Clothing Bank is closed until further notice. I personally will miss seeing everyone. Please do not donate as there will be no one to process the clothes, and they may end up in the garbage, so please leave them on a table at your place for free or take them to Goodwill in Port Angeles. Thank you for your patronage.”

Sighting lack of business, and lack of volunteers to process the donations they receive it is hoped they can re-open again once …well you know …

Diana Reaume Chamber Program

School Superintendant Diana Reaume reported to the Forks Chamber of Commerce last week that the QVSD new modified plan is still going well.

“We are one of the few school districts open,” Diana shared via the Zoom meeting held last Wednesday. She thanked her board of directors for their support and “steady guidance.” She said about 30 percent of students chose to learn only remotely. In-person students attend classes part of the day Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday until 12:30 p.m., and then work online in the afternoon.

“We have had no confirmed cases of COVID in our school, last week was the first time that we dealt with an exposure,” Diana said. “Because of our safety measures we only had to quarantine two individuals.”

But not everything is rosy as she shared that the district is looking at a projected loss of $1,357,400, and academic data is showing that those that excel are excelling and those that struggle are struggling. Unexpected costs were seen for PPE’s and much-needed internet upgrades.

Diana said she is concerned about the social/emotional aspect with no extra-curricular activities. Overall enrollment is down 12 percent and the district has 54 students in Running Start, which means QVSD does not receive funding for those students.

Diana praised the teachers, bus drivers, and cafeteria workers. In addition to driving their regular routes, the bus drivers have continued to deliver meals, a breakfast-lunch combo, to those students that are not attending school in person.

Diana also shared information on the upcoming special election to replace the current Education Programs and Operation Levy. “We are not fully funded by the state, we need those funds to operate.” She also explained the cost per thousand on property taxes will most likely drop due to the recent rise in property appraisals.

“We did keep staff, my goal was to keep our staff employed,” Diana said. Details on the EPO Levy can be seen this week on page three.

Vaccine Update: FCH notified the Forks Forum just before press-time that the vaccine clinics would now include those age 65 and older. See the front-page story for further details.

Christi Baron