Dewey Defeats Truman

In the olden days of newspapers, to get the jump on other news outlets, sometimes bad decisions were made due to deadlines and other problems. Such as the famously incorrect headline (above) from the 1948 presidential campaign. In 2022, news media can share information with thousands of people in a matter of minutes, even wrong information.

Such was the case Monday when I received a call from a very reliable entity, not just a random person, and they shared that the beloved Tree of Life at Kalaloch had collapsed. Having been to this tree and knowing how precariously it continues to survive, and with the recent rains and the mass amounts of drift logs that have been pounding the cliffside; it was certainly in the realm of possibilities that it was true.

But, thankfully, for the Tree, the information was wrong …It was not a deception by anyone that provided the information …but a case of mistaken Tree identity.

I am moving on now ….

In other social media news …the most asked questions of 2022 so far are (1.) How are the roads from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’? and (2.) Where is my package?

For us oldtimers who post place names such as Bear Creek, Heckelsville, and Fairholme, with regard to the conditions of the roads in that area, it was asked on social media, “Are these real place names or just places locals have made up.” My answer …Sort of both …they are names made up by former locals to identify places.

In the “Where is my package” department there was much speculation on the status of several delivery companies as many were waiting for packages for weeks now. Some were scolded for shopping online and not local. As a person that shops mostly local …you can’t get everything local …such as in my case, I am waiting for a toner cartridge, which is not available in Forks. So, was it the weather? was it COVID? The crisis may be over as I noticed a big brown truck in town yesterday.

This week the roads are good, go visit the Tree of Life before it is too late, unless you have a package coming …then stay home.

Christi Baron, Editor