Dog-gone Drama

Dog-gone Drama

On Sunday I had the misfortune of having to leave the Westend due to a pet emergency and the fact that there are no emergency vets in the area on a Sunday! This seems to be the day my pets get deathly ill, or they also like to wait for a holiday, also not a convenient time to find a veterinarian.

Everyone that was supposed to be staying home was on the road on Sunday! Most likely heading to the Lavender Festival which was not happening or to First Beach at La Push which is not open, or slamming Rialto Beach, or third Beach which are open …but seeing so much pressure that there have been major parking issues and even some confrontations!

Thankfully my dog did not have Thyroid cancer which I diagnosed after my Google search …. just a huge abscess and a fever of 105! She was treated at the Animal Emergency and Trauma Center in Poulsbo and we made it safely back home. The trip reminded me why I don’t leave home very often, especially in the summer.

In other dog news on Sunday, July 12 a black German Shepherd named Ronnie decided, like so many others, to head to Rialto Beach. Fred, Ronnie’s owner, lives on Mora Rd., he was not too concerned at first, Ronnie usually does not go too far but when he did not return Fred feared one of the many people that are supposed to be staying home may have picked Ronnie up.

With the help of friends and PA Pet Posse, Ronnie was shared on Facebook, and Fred drove around looking but there was no sign of him, then on Wednesday, there was a sighting near the Quillayute Airport. The next morning Fred went out early and happened to spot a guy parked near the Quillayute Rd., the man shared that he had just seen Ronnie heading for Forks.

As Fred drove along he spotted Ronnie and Ronnie is now back home a little skinnier but okay. Fred and Ronnie would like to thank everyone who shared the post on Facebook and lent support during this time! Darn Dogs!

Christi Baron, Editor