Excited about Bruce Hanify

Dear Editor,

Howard and I are so excited that Bruce Hanify was chosen to be the new judge in Forks. When his Dad, Bud Hanify retired, Howard replaced him as the Sub-district Ranger. Bud and Mary Lou were such wonderful people. We had “big shoes” to fill when we moved to the Hoh. We met Bruce when he had just graduated from high school. Howard was stationed at Kalaloch Ranger Station at the time.

When we moved to the Hoh a year and a half later, our girls were 4 and 5 years old. We lived there for 6 ½ years until Howard was promoted to be the West District Ranger in Forks. Marie Lewis and Lena Fletcher were still alive, so there were usually phone calls to the Ranger Station or editorials in the Forks Forum complaining about the Park. Even though there were anti-Park feelings, the locals never treated us badly, and we became friends with several of them.

It is ditto about what Bruce said about Forks. I think that sometimes people who have been born and raised in Forks don’t realize how special Forks is. We are so thankful that our girls and grandchildren were able to go all through school in Forks, and were able to have a good education. Some locations in the Park Service don’t have very good schools, and there aren’t even high schools available.

After seeing the picture and article in the Forks Forum, we just had to let you know how excited we are! He will be a great judge for Forks!

Marcia and Howard Yanish