Fish feel pain

Fish feel pain

Dear Editor,

Since I can’t come to the meetings (travel, etc.), here’s my input for the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

We should be preparing for a different future. As the climate changes, fish populations will change their schooling and migrations routes.

Re-schooling traditional human fishing populations and infrastructures should be a priority.

We no longer have the excuse of our less-informed ancestors about animal torment. We know fish feel pain, have emotions and even cultures, especially concerning migration routes. *I was raised with the myth that Fish Feel No Pain, and from my own experience, I know this is not true.

I know that, especially with our culture of ignoring what animals go through, for our own profit and pleasure, this might not be a viable argument, especially in this area. However: Tormented animals produce toxins, in addition to toxins caused by our industrial cultures. More humans are being sickened by those toxins.

Fish is becoming less and less an acceptable food, whether farmed or wild.

*(See “What A Fish Knows”

Donna Barr

Clallam Bay