Helping others during my Summer Vacation

Dear Editor,

This summer I had the privilege of going to the Dream Center in Los Angeles, Ca. After driving one-way for twenty-five plus hours, we arrived at the LA Dream Center, unpacked and then started helping.

Some life changing events that happened while I was there were; We helped place food from the dream center into bags and went down to skid row to hand out to the homeless. My group ended up going to an outdoor basketball court as a basketball player I was excited!

After hours of playing basketball with some people that had come to get food. Throughout this time I had met several people, heard their stories and prayed for them. Many of the people gave their lives to Christ.

In the middle of our week-long missions trip, church groups that came to serve went to low-income communities; we handed out food to many people who were starving and in need of nourishment. My leader and I went to some older women and introduced ourselves in Spanish.

Surprised we spoke Spanish they continued, we talked about our lives in Washington and listened to their life stories of living in LA. Hearing their story’s made me think of my privileges.

It was heartwarming to hear them open up to complete strangers. I’m extremely grateful that I was able to go and serve with the LA Dream Center. Overall I had an incredible trip! Thank you too: The Forks Forum, Ace Hardware, The Caring Place, Sunshine and Rainbows, Concerned Citizens, my friends, family, The Assemblies of God, the Los Angeles Dream Center and all the other businesses and people who donated and supported me so I could go on this missions trip!

Kesia Rowley age 15


Editor’s note: When Kesia asked for a donation to help her get to Los Angeles, I told her I would donate on the condition she wrote me a short recap of her experience. The Dream Center is a faith-based charitable organization that finds and fills the needs of struggling people. Thanks, Kesia!