It’s time for some good news!

Dear Editor,

Bad news is not something most folks enjoy. As a local church pastor-teacher and former law enforcement chaplain bearing bad news to others about tragedies such as the loss of a loved one or the hospitalization of a spouse or the dissolving of a marriage always have been gut-wrenching and very painful for me.

But announcing good news is another matter. “The surgery was successful – the cancer is gone”; “A little daughter was just born”; “A loved one is returning home from war”; “A grandmother is celebrating her 101st birthday”; “A young couple is getting married”; “A grandchild just graduated from college”; “A couple is celebrating their wedding anniversary”; “We caught our limit of fish”.

Those are announcements that bring encouragement and hope.

It is very refreshing on occasion to hear good news that encourages the heart and lifts the spirit.

Our world is in an uncontrolled tailspin of economic, emotional, sexual, racial, ethnic, political and ideological uncertainty, instability, division and chaos – headed towards total moral collapse. We need to hear some good news! One really good news announcement that is especially necessary to share is found in the Bible where we are told that 2,000 years ago on the cross at Calvary God settled our sin-debt through the death of His Son Jesus Christ making reconciliation with God available to any one of us sinners who will receive it by faith alone in Jesus alone.

Eternal pardon, eternal forgiveness, imputed righteousness and eternal life – salvation is available as a gift because He died in our place. And, because He arose up from out of the dead that clinches the deal! If we recognize our need and sincerely trust in Him alone by faith alone He will save us if we ask Him. It’s worth considering.

G.W. Williams,

Pastor-teacher, Forks Bible Church